Take the initiative to buy sexy underwear to my husband

Take the initiative to buy gifts to express love

No matter what holiday or tired weekend, it is very meaningful to buy a sexy underwear for her husband.Your initiative can make your husband feel your love and stimulate the feelings between husband and wife.Here are some types of sexy underwear you can consider.

Sexy black underwear

Black is a very common color in sexy underwear, which instantly improves the overall sexuality and can show the feminine and mysterious side.Among them, lace decoration and transparent materials make underwear more attractive.Black lining, the body curve is more attractive.

Cute pink underwear

Pink underwear looks cute, but it can also stimulate women’s confidence.If you and your husband are a cute couple, then pink underwear will be a good choice, you can show your true and lovely side that day.Pay attention to pink is not suitable for all skin tone, and choose the color that suits you.

Sexy red underwear

Red underwear represents enthusiasm and sexy, and is a color that many women like.The matching of red underwear is wide, it can be lace, noble materials such as silk.Red underwear is very suitable for showing women’s temperament and elegance, and exquisite design can make people’s eyes shine.

Transparent material underwear

Transparent underwear can show women’s body curves, which is one of the very sexy styles.This underwear style is relatively bold and open. It is a kind of sexy underwear, and it is also a choice loved by husbands and wives.

Slimming underwear

Slimming underwear is also a kind of sexy underwear in the underwear market.In addition to squeezing the chest, it can also help women’s figures look longer.If you want to show a healthy body and confident personality, choose a slimming underwear.

Gothic underwear

Gothic underwear usually has black and dark main tones, usually with retro design.From insertion to lace decoration, every detail of the underwear is a combination of darkness and sexy.

Elegant cheongsam underwear

Cheongsam -style underwear is very suitable for those noble, elegant, low -key and quiet women.This sexy underwear style supports the chest shape and shapes the abdomen, highlighting the charming figure.

Mini -skirt underwear

Ultra -short skirt underwear makes women focus, it is undoubtedly the longing for many women.This type of underwear is often paired with some small sexy, such as lace, silk and other materials.The advantages of women’s body can be highlighted in this style.

Lace suite underwear

This kind of sexy underwear is matched with the tops and bottoms, which is suitable for those underwear that can be paired in the wardrobe.Lace suits usually shape the body by thin yarn, and at the same time make the figure softer and charming.

Silk slim underwear

When you want to be more stable and don’t want underwear to drop, silk slim underwear is a very suitable choice.This underwear can help you avoid many embarrassing things and make you more confidently show your figure.

Point of view

Husbands are likely to be happy to accept the sexy underwear you sent as a gift, express gratitude and appreciation.At the same time, the relationship between the husband and wife is closer and the relationship is deeper.Over time, this feeling will become more and more beautiful.

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