Steps to wear sex underwear

Steps to wear sex underwear

Understand your body type

In addition to meeting the needs of sexy underwear, in addition to meeting the needs of interest, you must also consider your own figure.Different body shapes are suitable for different styles, such as thin women are suitable for wearing small bras and lace briefs; women with plump figures need to choose underwear that can shape the shape, such as steel rings and thick styles.

Choose the right size

Wearing a suitable size underwear will make you more confident and comfortable, so you must choose the correct size when buying sexy underwear.If you are not sure of your size, you can measure your bust and waist, or consult the clerk.

Prepare underwear with similar skin tone

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If you want to wear a sense of nakedness, you can choose sexy underwear with similar colors to your skin, such as meat, pink, light blue, etc.After wearing underwear in this way, it will have the effect of "invisible underwear" visually.

Use meat -colored tape to hide fat meat

For women with full figure, meat -colored glue can bring hidden fat meat. For example, fixing the meat under the chest and waist with tape can make the body firmer and more sexy visually.

Pay attention to the matching of the underwear style and the wear occasion

Different underwear styles are suitable for different occasions. For example, low -cut styles are suitable for wearing vests and revealing outfits, while stitching lace styles are more suitable for wearing in the bedroom.Therefore, you need to pay attention to the combination of styles and wear occasions when choosing sexy underwear.

Matching suitable accessories

With some accessories, such as stockings, high heels, gloves, etc., the sexy lingerie can add more interest.But the color and style of accessories also need to pay attention to the matching with underwear.

Don’t forget to make up and hairstyle

Turn into a light makeup and make a sexy hairstyle, which can make you more charming and moving after wearing sexy underwear.You can choose the right makeup and hairstyle according to personal preferences and underwear styles.


Relax your body and mind, enjoy the feeling of dressing

Finally, you should relax your body and mind and enjoy the feeling of wearing after wearing a sexy underwear.If the mentality is relaxed, the sexy beauty of self -confidence and nature will naturally emit.


Wearing a touch of sexy underwear needs to master some skills, but more importantly, to choose the right style and matching combined with your body and temperament.After wearing a suitable underwear, don’t forget to relax your body and mind, enjoy sexy and beautiful.