Small Shou Wearing a Fun Underwear BL

Small Shou Wearing a Fun Underwear BL

Small Shou Wearing a Fun Underwear BL

In recent years, sexy underwear has attracted more and more attention from the public. Not only because of their sexy design, but more importantly, it can enhance the experience of interest and sex.Among the many categories of sexy underwear, BL sex underwear is very popular. It is a sexy underwear for men, which can meet their own needs and increase the pleasure between couples.Then, I will introduce the relevant knowledge of Xiaoshi’s Intellectual Underwear BL.

Precautions for buying BL sex underwear

There are many different types in BL sex underwear. Sometimes it is not easy to choose a suitable BL sex underwear.In order to make you no longer worry about this, the following is the precautions for buying BL sex underwear.

1. Size

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When buying BL sex underwear, you must first understand your body size before you can choose the underwear style that suits you and his partner.It is best to spend a little time and specific needs of your body before buying, so that you can avoid buying inappropriate sizes and better meet the needs of yourself and your partner.

2. Design style

There are many design styles of BL sex underwear. It can be simple stripes or complex patterns, or it can be a strong and sexy flavor.When buying, you must choose the appropriate design style in combination with your personal preferences and your partner needs.

3. Materials

When choosing BL erotic underwear, materials are also a vital factor.BL sex underwear usually uses some special materials, such as skin -friendly, elasticity, safety, and so on.Therefore, when buying, you need to pay attention to the materials, and try to choose products with better materials, which can better protect the health of yourself and his partner.

Common BL sexy underwear types

There are many types of BL sex underwear, and different styles of underwear have different designs and characteristics.To facilitate everyone to choose, briefly introduce several common BL sex underwear.

1. Divide

The split type is the basic model of BL sexy underwear. Unlocking or unblocking the split underwear as needed. The split -type BL sexy underwear can increase the interaction between couples, increase interest, and can also control and extend the time.

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2. Delosure

The Lu meat -type BL erotic underwear is often designed based on transparent or thin materials. "Lu" out of all the most sexy places can retain the mystery of the key parts, but also increase the touch interaction between couples, making people more excited.Well.

3. Pocket type

Pocket BL sex underwear is based on the original version with additional specialized reproductive organs or the protective layer and pockets of simulation reproductive organs. This underwear can not only improve the comfort in the process of sex, but also make the partner feel more real and more real and more real and more realisticIntimate care.

BL sex underwear wearing skills

You need to pay special attention to wearing BL sexy underwear. Understanding these skills can make wearing more natural and comfortable, which is more conducive to enhancement of experience.Here are the wearing skills of BL sex underwear.

1. Pay attention to quality and material

Different materials quality and texture are the key to the effective wear of BL sex underwear.Therefore, when buying, you must pay attention to buying high -quality underwear materials, which can make the body more comfortable and natural.

2. Select the right size

Size is another key factor in the effect of BL sex underwear. Different sizes are suitable for different body shapes. Choosing a size suitable for you can make wearing more natural and comfortable.

3. Choose the right underwear style

Different styles of BL sex underwear are also suitable for different people. You must buy appropriate underwear styles according to your preferences and needs.

Precautions for using BL sex underwear correctly

In addition to buying and wearing, the correct use of BL sex underwear is also important.Here are the precautions to use BL sex underwear.

1. Wash in advance

Before use, cleaning should be performed to kill the bacteria and viruses carried on the underwear, which will help health and increase the service life.

2. Follow the product instructions

The use of each BL erotic underwear is different. It is necessary to use it correctly according to the instructions on the underwear. This can maximize the use effect and ensure the safety of themselves and partners.

3. Keep hygienic and dry

The material of BL sex underwear is special. After use, it needs to be cleaned and dried in time to avoid odor and breeding bacteria, affecting the next experience and health.

BL sex underwear function

BL sex underwear plays an important role in sex. It can greatly improve the interaction and fun between couples, increase the pleasure of sex, and increase the beauty of partner relationship.At the same time, BL sex underwear can also enhance sexual experience by stimulating novelty and irritating sexual desire, meet sexual needs between men, and bring more fun to sex.

in conclusion

BL erotic underwear has rich species, different design styles, and high -quality materials that adhere to health and high -quality materials.For male users, choose BL sex underwear suitable for their own needs, wear underwear that meets skills, and use it strictly in accordance with the instructions of the use.Bring more fun.