Sitting with the senior to wear sexy underwear

Sitting with the senior to wear sexy underwear


Sexy underwear is a sexy and teasing underwear, usually wearing women between couples or individuals privately.It allows us to feel more self -confidence and sexy, while increasing interest and stimulation.In this article, I will share how to choose sexy underwear and enjoy the common experience with your partner.

Know your body type

Before choosing the right sexy underwear, you must first understand your body type.Different body types need different designs and styles.If you have a perfect curve body, you can consider tight or high -waisted sexy underwear.If you want to show your chest, you can choose to have rich lace lace or push -pull cup sexy underwear.

Learn different styles

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Interesting underwear is not only in many styles, but also various styles and designs, such as low -key, sexy, sweet and wild.Understanding different styles and designs helps you find a sexy underwear that suits you, and it also helps you create more sexy and stimulating experiences with your partner.

Consider your partner

When you choose a sexy underwear, you must also consider the taste and preference of your partner.Of course, this does not mean that you need to fully cater to their preferences, but if you can find a sexy underwear combined with the elements they like, you will be more likely to inspire their enthusiasm and excitement.

Try different colors and materials

The color and materials of sexy underwear are also very important for the overall effect.For example, black and red sexy underwear usually makes you look more sexy.And the transparent or lace -made erotic underwear is more teasing and mysterious.

Follow details

The details of sexy underwear are also very important.Details are the key to creating different feelings and fun, such as rich lace lace, shiny metal decoration, playful bows, and so on.These details can make your body more prominent and leave a deeper impression on your partner.

Make sure you are suitable for you

Choosing the right size is very important for your sexy underwear.If the size you choose is too small or too large, it will cause discomfort and discomfort.Interest underwear is to add self -confidence and sexy feelings, rather than making you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.


Create different scenes

Sex underwear is very suitable for different scenarios and experience creation.Wearing sexy underwear can enhance stimulation in sex, and can also increase interest and attractiveness in daily life.Creating different scenes and experiences will bring you different fun and stimulus from your partner.

Don’t forget to keep clean

Finally, don’t forget to keep clean before and after wearing sexy underwear.Before use, make sure you have cleaned up sexy underwear carefully.After use, please make appropriate cleaning and disinfection.This can avoid bacteria and infections.In addition, the preservation of sexy underwear also needs to pay attention to cleaning and dryness.


It takes some time and self -understanding to choose a sexy underwear suitable for you and partners.Understand different styles, colors and materials, focusing on details and size, creating different scenes and keeping cleaning are very important factor.Correctly recognize sexy underwear and choose the appropriate experience that can bring sexy and exciting experiences.