Shooting sex underwear to the hotel to shoot

Shooting sex underwear to the hotel to shoot

The sexy gesture of a fitted underwear and the model is a necessity for taking a group of charming photos.Some photographers choose to shoot in natural environments such as villas, forests, and seasons. However, it is also common to choose a hotel environment in some specific scenes.If you plan to take photos of sexy underwear at the hotel, there are some key points to pay attention to.

1. The style and atmosphere of the hotel

When taking photos of sexy underwear, the environmental atmosphere is very important.When choosing a hotel, you need to consider whether its style and atmosphere are suitable for your theme.For example, choosing an elegant and mysterious hotel may be suitable for shooting black sexy underwear. At the same time, a fashionable and modern hotel may be suitable for shooting sexual emotional fun underwear.

2. The decoration and layout of the hotel room

Another point that needs attention is the layout and decoration of the hotel room.Some beds, windows and walls are different.You need to choose a suitable room to ensure that the beds and other elements are adapted to the sexy underwear you took.At the same time, if you want some different styles, you can also make full use of the furnishings and decorations in the room, such as lighting and mirrors.

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3. Choose photography equipment

When taking photos of the hotel’s sexy underwear, the proper photography equipment is very important for the good effect.If your camera is proficient, it is recommended to use full -frame cameras and higher quality lenses.If you are more likely to be light and easy to carry, a small camera can get amazing pictures.

4. Find the best lighting conditions

For experienced photographers, it is very difficult to find the best lighting conditions indoors.However, the excellent effect of taking sexy underwear photos in the hotel needs to pay special attention to the use of lighting.Lights should be divided into two types: main lights and auxiliary lamps.The main light will illuminate the shooting target, and the auxiliary light is the auxiliary main light to improve the softness of the light.Reasonable arrangement of light helps to create emotions and attract attention.

5. Get the shooting permit

In some hotels and cities, you need to get the shooting permit first to perform commercial shooting.Most hotels, cities and attractions have their own shooting rules and charging standards.It is necessary to ensure that you have obtained permits to avoid being ordered to stop shooting.

6. Pay attention to privacy issues

Of course, do not include other guests or service personnel in the photo when shooting.Respect their privacy and rights, and add a self -confidence to yourself and your models.

7. Create a suitable shooting atmosphere

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In order to create the required shooting atmosphere and mood, many photographers will use appropriate odor sprayers, background music and other elements in the hotel room.A suitable purple odor sprayer or some soft background music can help create a more private and attractive sexy underwear shooting atmosphere.

8. Pay attention to the safety and comfort of the model

Finally, we must pay attention to the safety and comfort of the model.The warm temperature, slightly moist air and soft light can make the model feel safe and comfortable when shooting.At the same time, it can also create a more perfect shooting effect on the appropriate sexy underwear and accessories.

Overall, the hotel has become one of the ideal venues for sexy underwear.Different hotels have different atmospheres and styles, and you need to choose according to your own situation.Use sufficient lights and furnishings to increase the shooting effect.Choose the right model and the right photography equipment to achieve good photos.