Shanggang International Instead Underwear Show

Shanggang International Instead Underwear Show

Shanggang International Instead Underwear Show

Background introduction

Shanghai Shanggang International Football Club not only shows strong strength on the football field, but also shines in the fashion field.On October 16, 2019, the club held a unique international sexy underwear show in Kuala Lumpur, attracting the attention of many fans and fashion enthusiasts.

Highlights of the event

This sexy underwear show is very eye -catching from theme to details.First of all, the whole show revolves around the theme of "the power of love", and the content of the link is full of sense of romance.Secondly, the participating models are full of male and female players with full personality and hot figure. They show the sexy underwear between men and hot girls on the runway, which is dizzying.In the end, the entire show is based on red and black, and the noble and sexy temperament is closely integrated with the image of Shanghai Shanggang Football Team.

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Participants appeared in Taiwan wearing their own unique sexy lingerie, with different types of tattoos and makeup, making the image particularly dazzling.The female player who prefers fresh style, wearing pink vests and low -waist thongs, plus the embellishment of rose petals, youth is lively and cheerful.For male players who prefer cool styles, their wear is more complicated, with metal clothes, as well as camisole filled with crystals and vermiculite.

brand introduction

This time, the Shanghai -Hong Kong International Funwear Show shows the rich and diverse display brands, including European, American, Japan, China and other brands.Among them, it is particularly recommended to be launched by the Japanese white lover with the football team.

Audience response

The entire event was full of joy and passion, and the response of the audience could also prove the success of this sexy lingerie show.Everyone was attracted by the temperament and small movements of the models. The applause and cheers rang from time to time, and the atmosphere at the scene was quite warm.


As a unique international erotic underwear show, the Shanghai -Hong Kong International Football Club occupies a place in the fashion field, and its brand image has also been further improved and strengthened.It not only promoted the combination of fashion and football, but also further promoted the development of modern cultural and creative industries, and became a fashion event in the minds of fashion and football pursuits.

global cooperation

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The success of the International Football Club is inseparable from international cooperation.The participation of major underwear brands has allowed this international football club to get a strong brand appeal and reputation, and has received great attention in China and internationally.

Fusion of football and fashion

The success of the sexy lingerie show also marks the perfect fusion of football and fashion.The fashion field is becoming more and more deeper into the culture and media fields of the football circle, and football has become more and more the focus of the fashion industry. This kind of cross -border interaction not only brings more visual feasts to fans, but also creates more fashion charm.Chance.

Future event outlook

With the increasingly close cooperation in the field of football and fashion, future football games will also be full of more fashionable elements.This will also provide a new value idea and direction to promote the development and improvement of modern culture and sports and entertainment industries.


The Shanghai -Hong Kong International Fun Underwear Show is a creative and challenging traditional fashion activity. It perfectly combines football with fashion to become a rare experience.Undoubtedly, this event will provide new practices and exploration directions for cooperation in the field of sports and fashion, and also make people look forward to the future prospects of football and fashion.