Sexy underwear shooting models will wet

Sexy underwear shooting models will wet


In today’s society, sexy underwear has become a choice for more and more women.As a sexy underwear merchant, in order to promote products and publicize brands, models often ask models to shoot sexy shooting.However, sometimes the models are embarrassing during the shooting process, which is also a question that needs to be paid attention to.

Cause Analysis

The models will be wet, mainly due to the facts such as atmosphere, environment and personal factors.


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In the process of shooting, the atmosphere is an important factor.For example, producers, photographers or other personnel may make some teasing or hints on the model, which will make the model feel embarrassed, which will cause the body fluid secretion to increase.


The shooting environment is also an important factor.For example, the temperature, air humidity, light and other factors at the shooting site will affect the model and cause body fluid secretion.

personal reason

The personal factors of the model will also affect the humid situation.For example, the inner emotions of the model and physical physiological change may be one of the reasons for moisturizing.


There are many ways to help the models to deal with moist situations. The following are several effective methods.

notify in advance

Question merchants can inform the models in advance that the model may appear before shooting, so that the model is psychologically prepared.


Strengthen the control of the atmosphere

Interest underwear merchants can strengthen the control of the atmosphere at the shooting site, and do not let anyone tease or hint to the model.

Improve the environment

Interesting underwear merchants can take some measures to improve the shooting environment, such as adjusting temperature, humidification or ventilation, etc. to reduce moisturizing.

Personal adjustment

Models can reduce humidity through some personal adjustments, such as adjusting their inner emotions and increasing breathing exercise.


You can prepare some paper towels at the shooting site. When the model is moist, you can use the paper towels to wipe it in time.

Combined with multiple methods

In actual operation, the above methods can be used in combination.Choosing the most suitable method will help the model’s experience and shooting effect.

in conclusion

In the process of sex underwear, although the model of the model is embarrassing, it is not unsolved.As long as several effective methods are adopted in a targeted manner, this situation can be effectively reduced.