Sexy underwear men and women wear together

Sexy underwear men and women wear together

Men and women wear sexy underwear together?

Interest underwear is originally a sexy and romantic way of dressing. Many people choose to enjoy this way of dressing with their lover.When men and women wear sexy underwear together, in addition to increasing interest and excitement, they can also increase intimacy and tacit understanding between each other, but still need to pay attention to some problems.

Sizer issue

The body of men and women is very different. If you do not find a size suitable for you, you will be uncomfortable when you wear it.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, the size is a very important consideration.Comrade male comrades should choose men’s sexy underwear, while women should choose to be suitable for their bras, underwear and other underwear. They must be tailor -made to ensure that comfort and sexy are taken into account, and unnecessary embarrassment is avoided.

Style selection

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For men and women wearing fun underwear, it is best to choose a style with the same style, so that it can be perfectly integrated.For example, couples can choose the same style of sexy underwear. One party wears short sleeves and the other wears long sleeves to achieve a perfect coordination effect.At the same time, the gender characteristics can also be considered appropriately in style. Men can choose to focus more on the "tough" style, and women can choose a closer style.

color match

In the dress of men and women wearing fun underwear, color matching is also a very important part.Men are generally biased towards simple and capable colors, such as black, gray, etc., while women are biased towards bright and bright tones, such as pink and purple.In color matching, men and women should negotiate with each other and choose the right color according to their own figure and characteristics to achieve better visual effects.

Pay attention to private parts

When choosing a sexy underwear, you must pay attention to protecting the private parts.The body structure of men and women is different. Therefore, when choosing underwear, we should pay more attention to the design of the crotch and the protection of sex organs.Men can choose underwear designed with bags to protect their lower body, while women should choose underwear suitable for their own shape to avoid any uncomfortable situation.

Material selection

When men and women wear sexy underwear, the choice of material is also very important.On the one hand, the material must have sufficient softness, will not cause damage to the skin, and there must be proper breathability, which will not cause excessive exercise to cause excessive sweating.On the other hand, it must have certain elasticity and durability to enhance the life of the underwear.In general, the material of sexy underwear is mainly silk, lace, and polyester fibers, which are soft and comfortable to touch.

Color difference

In addition, when men and women wear sexy underwear, they need to pay special attention to color difference.The color shades are different and the matching is not proper, which will have a great impact on the beauty of the underwear.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, you must carefully compare the colors and choose the underwear with similar colors to achieve better visual effects.



Interest underwear itself is a relatively special way of dressing, so you need to pay attention to different ways of body on different occasions.For example, when choosing a sexy underwear, pay attention to the applicable occasions. If you only wear each other at home, you can choose a relatively relaxed and comfortable style; if you are a more formal occasion to participate in sexual party, then you need to choose more.Formally sexy underwear.

Mutual coordination

Men and women need to coordinate with each other in fun. They not only need to negotiate in terms of size, color, and styles, but also need to cooperate with each other through materials, design, and wearing methods to achieve better results.This requires the two people to understand and support each other, and enjoy the fun and excitement brought by this way of dressing together.


Men and women wearing sexy underwear are a very special and emotional way of dressing.Only on the basis of coordination and cooperation can we achieve the best dressing effect and bring the best interesting experience.Of course, although sexy underwear can increase the fun of life, it also needs to be carried out appropriately to avoid affecting their health and social life.