Sexy underwear Little Dance Novel Reading

Sexy underwear Little Dance Novel Reading

We opened the novel "Little Dance’s Infusion Lingerie Book", which is a novel that tells the iron powder that tells the sexy underwear owned by Xiaowu’s life.Next, let’s learn about Xiao Wu’s sexy underwear together.

Girls’ first love lingerie

At the beginning of the novel, Xiao Wu’s first understanding of sexy underwear came from her female teacher.In the health class in school, the teacher talked about the topic of sexy underwear.At that time, the little dance was just a girl, and she was curious and doubtful about this deadly dancer.

Happy wedding sexy underwear

On the eve of marriage, Xiao Wu’s enthusiasm for sexy underwear did not decrease.She prepared a sexy underwear for her husband on her wedding night.This is the first time she has practiced her thoughts on pajamas.Xiao Wu loves her marriage, and this love and beauty are reflected in her sexy underwear.

The sexy underwear of mature women

In the novel, Xiao Wu grew into a mature woman.At this time, her views on sexy underwear also changed.She believes that sexy underwear is not only a decoration, but also a tool for increasing interest.Xiao Wu tells us through his own experience that sexy underwear is a good choice to help women stimulate confidence and sexy.

Interesting underwear in the workplace

Xiao Wu is a white -collar worker.She believes that women in the workplace should have a feminine style.She chose to wear sexy underwear containing sexy elements in a work occasion to reflect her uniqueness and charm.Xiao Wu here proves that women can also be very elegant and sexy in the workplace.

Unique erotic underwear

Xiao Wu likes to be different.Interest underwear is also a thing she loves.In a chapter of the novel, Xiao Wu talked about the sexy underwear that she had never seen through others, and even jokingly said that when she put on it, it was like a lazy superhero.The little dance in the novel tells us that the differentiation of sexy underwear is the best choice to show their unique personality.

Value sexy underwear

Little dance in the novel often spends heavy money to buy sexy underwear.Although the expenses are large, Xiao Wu believes that this is worth it.She said that for women who understand the face value, quality, and materials, sexy underwear is worth absorbing.Although the price is high, elegance and quality have also improved.

The correct way to wear sex underwear

The little dance in the novel is an expert in sexy underwear.She knows how to accurately measure and choose a size that suits her, and she also understands how to wear sexy underwear beautifully.Xiao Wu suggested that every woman should wear sexy underwear correctly.In this way, underwear can show the perfect charm.

The charm of European and American sexy underwear

Xiao Wu often pursues the trend of European and beautiful underwear.She thinks these styles are more avant -garde and personalized.European and American sexy underwear not only reflects the ultimate sexy, but also highlights women’s personality and personality.Especially in the occasion of gatherings and dates, wearing European and American sexy underwear can emit a unique beauty.

Learn about men’s psychological erotic underwear

Xiaowu in the novel knows how to satisfy her husband’s appetite, and she understands what style of sexy underwear men like.Through Xiao Wu’s sexy underwear, we learned that women wearing sexy underwear are not just for their beauty, but also to be able to happily and the other half.Make sex underwear a happy and beautiful connection.

Sexy underwear is a must -have for women’s life

The little dance in the novel is one of the spokespersons of sexy underwear.She let us see that sexy underwear is an indispensable part of women’s lives. It not only improves the confidence and beauty of women, but also increases the condiments in women’s lives.Interest underwear is an art and a lifestyle.

All in all, erotic underwear is not only a piece of clothes wearing on the body, but also makes women confident and uncomfortable in love and joy.After reading Xiao Wu’s sexy underwear, we also learned a lot of experience and experience.Let sex underwear a beautiful scenery in our lives.

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