Sexy underwear handmade

Sexy underwear handmade

Introduce sexy underwear handmade

Interest underwear is a clothing that can add sexual interest and charm, and hand -made sexy underwear can bring you more fun and satisfaction.In this article, we will talk about the process and skills of hand -made underwear.

Preparation tools and materials

The tools and materials required to make sexy underwear depend on the styles and materials you planned.Some basic tools and materials include: sewing machines, pliers, scissors, ruler, hook pens, color satin, accessories, lace fabrics, etc.

Choose the style and material that suits you

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The first step for making sexy underwear is to choose your favorite style and material.You can choose the right style and material according to your taste and body model.For example, if you like a sweet and cute style, you can choose to use pink, lace and bow to make sexy underwear.

Necessary preparation before starting production

Before starting to make sexy underwear, you need to measure your body size to ensure that the cutting materials are appropriate.You also need to find a suitable drawing drawing or draw a drawing yourself to facilitate cutting.

Part of the materials for cutting underwear

According to the drawings, you can use ribbons or other fabrics to cut some materials for underwear, such as chest pads, cups, shoulder straps, belts, etc., which will be prepared for the structure and appearance of the entire underwear.

Sewing material

When sewing underwear, you need to sew the materials made together to complete the entire underwear.You can use a sewing machine and handmade needle wire to sew underwear.Remember to sew the needle line on the inside of the material, so as to ensure that the appearance is neat.

Add lace and other accessories

Throughout the process, you can add your favorite lace and accessories to increase the beauty of underwear.You can sew lace and jewelry on the surface of the underwear or paste it with glue.

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Try the underwear you made

After making underwear, you need to try to put on underwear and adjust to ensure that it is comfortable.If necessary, you can make necessary improvements and changes to underwear.

Enjoy the fun of making hands -on

The entire process of making sexy underwear requires patience and skills.Handmade sexy underwear can bring you unique fun and satisfaction, and the sense of accomplishment is particularly extraordinary.When you complete a work, you will feel unsatisfactory pride and sense of accomplishment.


Trying sexy underwear is a pleasant experience, which can not only bring greater pride, but also improve your handmade skills.Based on useful skills and the guidance provided by this article, you can make the most suitable sex underwear for you.I hope you can get fun and satisfaction in manual production!