Sexy underwear for free comics

Why does sex underwear become "free comics"

Interest underwear is a underwear with sexy and temptation as the main design elements, especially in the European and American markets.In recent years, more and more sexy underwear brands have begun to use the form of free comics for promotion. The main reasons for this are the following points:

Change of flow entrance

In the past, sexy underwear brands have been promoted more by advertising and participating in exhibitions.But with the rise of social media, the way people obtain information have also changed.More and more people have begun to understand and buy sexy underwear through social media, and sexy underwear brands have gradually focused their attention on social media.As a form of free comics that can easily attract users’ attention, it is adopted by more brands.

Advantages of free comics

Compared to traditional advertising promotion, free comics have more advantages.First of all, the comics have good interaction and communication, which can better attract users to participate in and shared; second, the warm, humorous, and witty style of comics can enhance the brand’s image and attract more target users. Finally, comics, comicsThe form is very easy and interesting, and the user acceptance is higher.

The theme of free comics of sexy underwear

The theme of free comics of sexy underwear is mainly sexy and tempting.One or more sexy female characters usually appear in the comics. They are wearing sexy underwear or swimsuits with beautiful attitude and charming smile.This theme not only shows the sexy characteristics of sexy underwear, but also attract more male users’ attention.

Sexy underwear free comics audience

The main audience of sexy underwear free comics is young male users.These users generally have high degree of social media activity, like to share, like and comment, have strong consumer desire and high -level consumption power.In addition, the sexy underwear brand also noticed the market segment of female users. By shaping the female image in comics, it further attracted the attention of female users.

Marketing strategy for free comics of sexy lingerie

The marketing strategy of free comics for sexy lingerie is very diverse.品牌可以在社交媒体平台上发布漫画,通过用户的点赞和分享来增加品牌的曝光度;品牌也可以将漫画打包成电子书,在品牌官网或在线书店上进行销售,通过售卖电子书来获得More benefits.

Future development trend of free comics in sexy underwear

The future development trend of free comics in sexy lingerie is still very broad.With the continuous changes in people’s consumption concepts, brands need to pay more attention to the individual needs of users, subdivide the comic content, and promote different market segments.In addition, brands can use emerging technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality to bring comics into more scenes to bring users a more immersive experience.

Look at sexy underwear free comics in combination with actual cases

For example, Optitex’s virtual reality finished products demonstrated by Promise at the exhibition in 2019 have been bound to more than 30 drift mobile actions. Each underwear simulates the effects of sliding, stretching, etc. each underwear.Innovative activities added and implemented by 152 brands are also a good display.


Free comics have undoubtedly become an important means of marketing and promotion of sexy underwear brands.Although some sexy lingerie free comics may cause controversy, the sexy underwear brand can create a healthier and positive brand image by strengthening self -examination and guiding users for health consumption.The form of free comics in sex underwear will also be more diversified in the future, becoming one of the important strategies for brand promotion.

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