Sexy underwear flat chest free pants

Sexy underwear flat chest free pants


Interest underwear is one of the keys to improving women’s self -confidence, sexy and charm.However, due to the various forms of the body, it is difficult to wear the correct sexy underwear.The most common problem with flat -breasted women is that sexy underwear is easy to fall off.In this article, we will provide the best way to solve this problem.

How to choose sexy underwear

First of all, understand your body size.Do not ignore the size of the cup when buying underwear, the size of the lower bust, and the size of the shoulder strap.Women with flat chests are best to choose to fill cups or increase underwear, such as sponge or foam cups to shape the perfect figure and prevent underwear from falling off.

The importance of material selection

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The quality and material of sexy underwear can determine whether the underwear is comfortable and safe.We recommend choosing high -quality cotton or relatively soft lace materials. These materials are soft, breathable and will not stimulate the skin.For women with flat chest, you may want to choose sexy underwear without steel beads to avoid the discomfort of the steel tray while increasing the comfort of the shoulder.

Underwear style selection

Different erotic lingerie styles have different effects on different figures.For flat -breasted women, it is best to choose a fill cup or an increased underwear, and appropriately increase the thickness to balance the upper and lower body.The exquisite lace style will make you look sexy and seductive, but if the figure is too thin, then the small vest style is also a good choice.

Appropriate shoulder strap

It is very important to choose a sexy underwear with a suitable shoulder strap.Women with flat chest need to choose wide shoulder straps. The shoulder straps can not only avoid the slippery underwear, but also avoid compression and discomfort.In addition, the material of the shoulder strap can choose S925 sterling silver, which is not only resistant to corrosion, but also comfortable, bright, environmentally friendly and healthy.

Add underwear buckle

Adding underwear buckles in each connection position of the underwear can improve the stickiness of sexy underwear and make the underwear difficult to fall off, especially tied in the waist position.Not only can effectively solve the problem of lingerie of women’s underwear, but also can also manually adjust the tightness to make the underwear more comfortable.

Use adjustable rope

If the sexy underwear you choose does not adjust the rope of the underwear, you can add a adjustable rope.To do this, you need to add a thin rope to both sides of the underwear, and you can adjust the tightness of the underwear according to your needs.Elastic rope bands can avoid sagging and prevent underwear from slipping.


Replace underwear regularly

Good erotic underwear needs a certain service life, usually about 4-6 months.If the underwear is used for too long, it will cause the device to decrease and increase the probability of lingerie falling off.Therefore, please check and change underwear every other time.

Pay attention to the vest

For flat -breasted women, if you often wear vests, please pay attention to the choice of underwear.It is best to choose a filling or an increased vest. Do not be too tight. The extension of the hem can prevent the vest from slipping.Resting erotic underwear can easily cause chest pain and even cause breast disease.

Paste the chest sticker to reduce underwear falling off

The chest sticker can help increase the curve of the chest, which can help increase the visual effect of the chest and avoid the falling off of the chest.Before paste, make sure your chest is dry and clean, otherwise the paste effect cannot be achieved.

in conclusion

Basic items like underwear may be easily ignored, but choosing the right sexy underwear is extremely important for women’s own feelings, images and self -confidence.Make you wear freely in your life is the key to health and happiness.