Sexy underwear European and American physical doll videos

Sexy underwear European and American physical doll videos


Interest underwear has become one of the valuable sexual supplies now.European and American physical dolls have many characteristics compared to other erotic supplies, such as people, super realistic, and moving.With emotional resonance and physical feedback, of course, these dolls are also suitable for communicating with family and friends.Now, we will explore the details of the European and American physical dolls through a video, so that people have a deeper understanding


There are many styles of physical dolls in Europe and the United States, such as choosing dolls of different races, or dolls with different proportions.Furthermore, the appearance of doll dolls will also be different according to the manufacturer’s difference


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The biggest feature of physical dolls may be that the sense of realism is high, and the high degree of realism is highly dependent on the texture of the material.A good physical doll uses a silicone material of simulation texture, but there are also many physical dolls that use liquid silicone and TPE materials. The realisticness of these materials is not good.Different materials will have different touch on physical dolls

Ease of use

The ease of use of physical dolls is more reflected in the attention of maintenance and cleaning.Because the physical doll has a steel skeleton frame and other details, it takes some time and energy to keep it clean and tidy.


The practicality of physical dolls is more based on users’ preferences and idealism, which can change or show a variety of different personality characteristics.In order to get a completely practical feeling, European and American physical dolls are also very suitable for choices.For advanced people, more advanced styles may require more advanced requirements such as facial expressions, equipment engineering, etc.


Different manufacturers correspond to different styles of European and American physical dolls. The price of a physical doll can range from thousands to hundreds of thousands of yuan.


The weight of physical dolls in Europe and the United States is usually the weight of an adult, from 20 to 50kg, and even heavier. This may be difficult for those who want to move the doll. It is recommended to put it in a fixed place in a fixed place.

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Because physical dolls can produce sexual behavior, some physical dolls can also simulate the functions of menstruation. During use, they need to be confidential and prevent leakage.


For physical dolls, its daily maintenance and cleaning are also important.For the most basic steps for manufacturers when maintaining or cleaning.At the same time, in terms of physical doll cleaning and maintenance, if we encounter problems or lack of roads, we can seek help on the network platform

Legal Issues

For specific areas, the use and own European and American physical dolls are prohibited.Users should confirm the specific regulations on sexual products in their region before purchasing to avoid illegal or touching crimes.

in conclusion

Although the European and American physical dolls have their unique characteristics, there are many problems in use to solve it.At the same time, if the way we use is improper, there may be many negative effects.I personally think that it should not take it as a necessary item for our daily life, but should choose to use it carefully according to our needs and interests.Only by judging many elements such as human nature, stubbornness, authenticity, health, etc. can the best experience.