Sexy underwear design clothes artist’s novels

Sexy underwear design clothes artist's novels

1. Opening Ferry

"Do you look at this, is it very good?" I showed the design drawings in my hand to my colleagues, but the feedback was silent.

2. Stealing

A few days later, I found that the design paintings of one of my colleagues were stolen.I started to check the monitoring, and finally found that I had brought me a great culprit.what do I do?

3. Product planning

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I decided to make a detailed plan for our new products to list each step to ensure that the project can operate as planned.How to formulate a perfect product plan?

4. Material selection

The choice of underwear materials is very important for the success of design.I must choose the appropriate material according to the customer’s preferences and needs.

5. Tailoring and sewing

By formulating accurate patterns, ensure that the materials are not wasted or damaged when cutting and sewing.How should we make accurate tailoring and sewing?

6. Decorative details

details make a difference.Whether it is lace decoration or hook needle lace, to ensure that they are properly matched with material selection and style in the entire design.

7. Size

Mastering the size and proportion of the finished underwear is extremely important to ensure that the underwear is not only beautiful and comfortable, but also perfectly suitable for customers’ bodies.

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8. Customer exchange

Customer communication is one of the keys to ensuring the underwear they want.Listen to customers’ requests and give professional suggestions to ensure the perfect design and appropriate size of the underwear.

9. Perfect underwear display

The appearance of the underwear is very important.By careful layout, beautiful display and attractive design, you can ensure that underwear attracts consumers’ attention in the store.

10. Viewpoint

In the process of designing sexy underwear, every link is very important.If you want to be an excellent sexy underwear designer, you need to be patient and meticulous, pay attention to details, be good at communication, deeply understand the characteristics of customer needs, and flexibly grasp the characteristics of various materials, so that every underwear is cute, sexy, elegant, and take into account the comfortable experienceEssence