Sexy underwear Anti -beauty underwear pictures

Sexy underwear Anti -beauty underwear pictures

Know the free beauty underwear

Free beauty underwear, as the name suggests, refers to sexual activities without taking off your underwear while wearing sexy underwear.The design concept of this underwear is to enjoy the pleasure brought by sex more convenient, easier, and faster.

Classification of free beauty underwear

There are many types of free beauty underwear, which can be divided into various types such as G-String, T-shaped pants, thongs, one-third of pants, and full-closed underwear.Women only need to choose the style that suits them according to their preferences and body shape.

G-String Free Beauty Underwear

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G-String is free of designed with the back of the T-shaped camisole.Its component has only one thin band and triangular cloth strip. The trousers only cover the previous part, which can bring a full range of sexy experience.

T -words avoid beauty panties

T -shaped use of beauty panties refers to the fixed model of trousers relying on the thin band and triangular cloth strips. It is suitable for women with relatively perfect legs to wear.Compared with G-String’s free beauty underwear, its back part is wider.

Ding -free beauty panties

The characteristic of buty -free beauty underwear is that there is only a triangular cloth strip on both sides that are connected by a triangular cloth, and a t -patterned shape is formed on the hips, which is suitable for women who like sexy energy.

One -third is free of beauty panties

One -third is free of beautiful women’s underwear, that is, triangular cloth strips occupy one -third of panties, which are suitable for women with perfect hip curves. This type of pants are obviously stimulated by sex activities.

Fully closed -free beauty underwear

Full closed -end -free beauty underwear wraps the entire lower body without exposing any skin, suitable for women who like to wear shy and foot feet, and can maintain the clean and hygienic of private space.


Choose the free beauty underwear that suits you

Choose the following points that are suitable for you who are suitable for you. You need to consider the following points: style, size, texture, color, etc.At the same time, please buy authentic brand products when buying to ensure quality and safety.


When wearing a beautiful underwear, you need to pay attention to hygiene issues, and try to keep the underwear and skin clean and dry.In addition, after the sex activity is over, the underwear should be taken down in time to clean and disinfect.


The design of the free beauty underwear facilitates the wear and escape of women in sex activities, so that women can enjoy the pleasure of sex when they feel more comfortable and comfortable.Of course, be sure to choose regular channels when buying, buy authentic brand products.