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What is thong?

The thong is a sexy sexy underwear. It consists of a T -type fabric and two thin bands. When wearing, it can show the sexy curve of women, leaving a deep impression.Because the thong has only one piece of cloth, it is easy to draw deep lines, making women look more sexy and charming.In the sex underwear market, thong is a very popular style.

The relationship between thong and Leyin

Because the thong had only one cloth, it was not easy to put deep lines at that time, which caused the phenomenon of Leyin.Leyin can cause poor blood circulation in women’s private parts, cause inflammation, itching and other conditions in private parts, and even affect sexual life.Therefore, when choosing thong, you need to pay great attention to the size and method of wearing to avoid the phenomenon of Leyin.

How to wear thongs correctly?

First of all, pay attention to buying products suitable for your size when choosing thong.Too small thongs are not only easy to leak, but also bring great discomfort to women.Secondly, women need to wear two thin bars through the inside of the thigh from the sides of the hips when wearing thongs, and then place the front part of the thong and the hips on the inside of the thigh.By worn correctly, you can avoid the phenomenon of thongs.

How to prevent thongs from shade?

In addition to wearing thongs correctly, women can also take some measures to prevent thongs.For example, choose sexy underwear products with good breathability and comfortable fabric; do not wear too long, try to avoid wearing thongs overnight; make private mass massage, promote blood circulation, and so on.

Suitable for people who wear thong

Because the thong shows the sexy curve of women, it is more suitable for women with better figures.In addition, women aged 20 to 40 years old have good body shape and good blood circulation, so they are more suitable for wearing thongs.

People who are not suitable for wearing thongs

The style of thongs is relatively special, and those who need to wear better body shape and self -confidence.Therefore, women with bloated figures are not suitable for wearing thongs.At the same time, pregnant women, new mothers after production, and women who often perform intense exercise are not suitable for wearing thongs, so as not to cause the private parts to leak.

How to maintain thongs?

Thong pants are a more special sexy underwear, which requires special maintenance methods.First of all, do not use a washing machine to clean the thong, it is best to use hand washing.Direct light to avoid the impact of the fabric.

What are the styles of thong?

There are many different styles of thongs, such as ordinary thongs, hollowed thongs, thongs embellished with beads, and so on.Each kind of thong has a unique style and characteristics, which can be selected according to your preferences.

How to choose the right type of thong?

When choosing the style of the pants, you need to consider your body and personality.Generally speaking, women with better figure and high self -confidence can choose more sexy styles, such as hollowing, perspective, etc.; And women with more general figures can choose a style with lace lace to fully show their women’s women.taste.

Interest underwear is not universal

In the end, it is important to emphasize that sexy underwear can make women more sexy and beautiful, but not everything.When wearing sexy underwear, you need to choose according to your body and preferences. You cannot blindly pursue sexy and make yourself uncomfortable.The most important thing is that health and comfort are the most important.

in conclusion

The thong is a very sexy sexy underwear, which is easy to draw deep lines, causing the phenomenon of Leyin.Women need to pay attention to the size and wearing method when choosing and wearing thongs, and take good maintenance methods to maintain the quality of thongs.At the same time, people who are suitable for thongs need to choose the right style according to their figure and personality. They cannot blindly pursue sexy and ignore health and comfort.

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