Sexy lingerie outdoors are exposed

Sexy lingerie outdoors are exposed

Instead of sexy lingerie outdoors-the perfect combination of sexy and self-confidence

When it comes to sexy underwear, the first time in many people’s minds is sexy, tempting, mysterious and other words.In terms of sexy underwear, it is a very popular way of dressing outdoors.They bring infinite courage and confidence to women who dare to challenge.In the following article, we will explore some of the precautions and related knowledge exposed outdoors exposed.

Choose a comfortable style

When exposing sex underwear, you should first choose a comfortable style.Although the design of sexy underwear is positioned as sexy, comfort is equally important.It is important to choose underwear that is exactly suitable for you and will not tighten your blood circulation.In addition, ensure that your choice is suitable for outdoor environment.For example, if you decide to walk on the beach, it is not advisable to choose to wear high heels or too tight.

Pay attention to the environment

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You should pay attention to the surrounding environment when exposing sex underwear.Make sure your wear will not attract the attention of unrelated personnel, otherwise it is easy to cause embarrassing scenes.It is recommended that you choose relatively private scenes, such as outdoor swimming pools, remote beaches or rare forests.We don’t want your activities to become unnecessary trouble.


In addition to choosing the right sexy underwear, you can also use clothing to create your style.For example, it can be paired with denim shorts, transparent shawls, boots or light satin jackets.Combining different wear elements can create your own personality style.

Pay attention to weather conditions

When exposing sex underwear, it is also very important to pay attention to the weather.If you wear too exposed underwear in cold weather, it will cause physical discomfort or skin problems such as rash.Therefore, it is necessary to choose appropriate clothing according to the weather conditions, temperature changes, and length of time.

Wear sunscreen

Following the last small title, the ancients had a cloud: "I don’t see the fragrance, if you want to see it, unless you have no ‘."When exposing sex underwear, outdoor activities usually mean direct exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet rays.To protect skin health, you should apply sunscreen at any exposed part of your body.Not only can you match the intimate small objects, you can also keep your skin healthy.

Prepare photography equipment

When exposing sex underwear, in order to record a beautiful moment, you may need to carry photography equipment.Mobile phones can also be competent for this job, but the quality of shooting is usually not as good as the SLR camera.Therefore, it is recommended that you prepare a camera with high shooting quality to record your beautiful moments.

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Respect local customs

Even if you are confidently wearing sexy underwear outdoors, you should not ignore the local culture and customs.Some social or cultural backgrounds may think that sexy underwear is a manifestation of disrespect for social behavior.Therefore, it is recommended to do a sufficient investigation before going to strange places to respect the local culture.

Don’t make changes for others

Many women dare not try to expose sexy underwear because they are worried about others’ opinions.When wearing erotic underwear out, the most important thing is self -confidence. Don’t change your style for others.Everyone has the right to choose what kind of sexy underwear to wear and wear it according to personal wishes.


Disposal underwear requires courage and confidence, as well as attach importance to your body and sexy.Under the premise of maintaining self -aesthetics, you should also pay attention to the surrounding environment to avoid any embarrassing situation.As a confident woman, wearing a sexy lingerie shows a pleasant experience.