Sexuality Fun underwear tears

Sexuality Fun underwear tears

Introduction: Sexuality Fun underwear tore

Sexual feelings are widely used in sexy life.In different occasions, the different skills and steps in the tearing process can add interest and enhance the sexual experience.Therefore, in the show, you often see the performances of the models wearing sexy underwear to tear, which is considered a purely familiar skill.This article will explain to you in detail how to use sexual emotional interesting underwear and provide some useful skills.

Preparation before tearing

The preparation before tearing is crucial.First, determine whether the sexy underwear you choose is suitable for tearing.You can’t choose a sexy underwear at will, which may cause it to be damaged or deformed.It is recommended to choose a well -received and high -quality sexy underwear brand on social media.Secondly, ensure that your sexy underwear is the correct size, which allows you to be more comfortable and confident when tearing, and at the same time, it can prevent the damage of sexy underwear.

Find the right time

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The timing is very important when the sexual emotional and fun underwear tears.When you just start caressing, tearing the sexy underwear can stimulate the stronger sexual desire between the two sides and enhance the feelings of orgasm.If you tear at other stages, you may kill the atmosphere of sex.Therefore, it is important to find the right time to tear.

Normal steps to tear

When you tear in sexual emotional interest underwear, you need to follow some steps.First, tear the fun underwear curve slowly.Delaying the orgasm of the two can increase the stimulus of the fun experience.Secondly, do not tear up the sexy lingerie, otherwise it may leave the jagged edge when tearing, which will cause discomfort and injury.Finally, be careful not to damage the sexy underwear so that it can be used next time.

Different erotic underwear tear skills

When tearing, different sexy underwear tear skills can create different sexy experiences.The following are the most common sexy lingerie tear skills:

1. Pull from the back: Use both hands to pull slowly behind the sexy underwear, stop before achieving the right resistance.This step can increase your sex experience.

2. Pull from the shoulder: Like taking off a T -shirt, pull the sexy underwear down from the shoulders.This method can increase the instantaneous sexy.

3. Tear from under the skirt: put your hand under the skirt of the sexy underwear, then slowly raise your hand and tear off the entire underwear.This method can improve feel and visual effects.

Safety issues that need to be paid attention to when tearing

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Although tearing -of -tech underwear is an effective way to enhance the fun experience, you need to pay attention to safety issues when you tear.When you tear them, you need to ensure that your fingers will not be caught, and the details of the underwear in a small mood, such as inlaid decorations and lace edges.If sexy underwear is signs of damage or deformation, you should stop tearing as soon as possible.

How to maintain the torn sexy underwear

The sexy underwear may be deformed after being torn, and special attention should be paid to when washing.Do not mix your sexy underwear with other families of ordinary clothes.It should be washed alone, using a special sexy underwear cleaning agent, and drying at room temperature.In addition, do not use dryers or expose sexy underwear, otherwise they may cause discoloration and damage.

How to choose a sexy underwear that suits you

Whether you are a novice or a senior user, it is very important to choose a sexy underwear suitable for you.It is recommended to choose a sexy underwear that meets your size needs, so that you can easily be free and free when you tear, and get a better tear experience.In addition, we should consider wearing the comfort of sexy underwear and the quality of the material.


Sexual feelings are an indispensable part of sexy life, which can bring a lot of stimuli and pleasure.Before tearing, pay attention to choosing the right time and sexy underwear, and master different skills when tearing.Also pay attention to safety and maintenance issues, and enjoy your sexy underwear experience.