Sex underwear suite bundled SM temptation

Sex underwear suite bundled SM temptation


Interest underwear can not only increase sexual interest, but also be used for SM temptation.The most representative horror elements are binding.Binding SM temptation requires careful preparation and flexible skills. This article will provide you with visual skills and suggestions.

Step 1: Understand basic security knowledge

Before exploring SM bundles, make sure you have basic safety knowledge.When binding, you need to focus on the physical characteristics and restrictions of people who are tied up, and abide by the rules of safety, such as restricting breathing, do not tie too tightly, etc.Especially in the process of binding, binding must be released in time.If you have no experience, try some simple techniques and try carefully.

Step 2: Select the right sexy underwear suit

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It is important to choose the right sexy underwear suit.Under normal circumstances, choosing a more personal sexy lingerie suit will be better, because they can better highlight the curve and outline of the body, making bundles and bondage more charming.Please note that it is best to use breathable materials to avoid unnecessary infection or allergies.

Step 3: Prepare ropes and other bundled utensils

Binding utensils are very important.When selecting ropes and other utensils, they must ensure that they have sufficient strength and toughness to ensure the safety of binding.It is best to use a rope with non -slip texture to prevent the rope from slipping or hurting your partner by mistake.When buying new ropes or equipment, be sure to conduct appropriate tests first and abide by relevant security suggestions.

Step 4: Learn different binding skills

Binding skills are very important.Mastering the basic binding and binding points, flexible changes in the binding method can increase the fun and diversity of SM cultivation.For example, wrist bundle, ankle bundle, fork leg bundling, arms bundling back, back bundling, and so on.Beginners can try the basic tie, and then gradually increase the difficulty.

Step 5: Try your body binding

Binding of the body is more advanced skills in SM bundles.They need more ropes and careful layouts, and they can combine multiple binding techniques.Such as mummy bundled, butterfly binding and so on.No matter what kind of binding method, it should be fully practiced to ensure safety and comfort.

Step 6: Understand mouthball and eye mask

When SM bundles creates a real atmosphere, mouthball and eye mask are also important.We can use red or black mouthball to increase SM’s atmosphere and charming effect.Eye masks can be used as a bundle tool because it can make the torture more difficult to predict, increasing a certain sense of mystery and excitement.

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Step 7: Use whip and handcuffs appropriately

If you want to further enhance the atmosphere of SM, you can add a whip and handcuffs.However, the use of a whip should be moderate and always pay attention to safety.If the scanned position appears bruises or pain, stop and deal with it immediately.

Step 8: Understand physical and emotional reactions

SM binding is not a suitable form of sexual activity. It is only suitable for people who like to explore physical and emotional changes.Through SM bundles, we can improve the sensitivity and response of body and emotion, thereby increasing sexual interests, and deepening our trust and understanding between us and our partners.

in conclusion

The seductive SM temptation of sexy underwear suits is a very exciting sex activity. It not only requires skills, but also must have a sense of safety and sufficient patience.When studying, please be careful and make sure you reach a consensus with your partner.Finally, remember that safety is always the first.