Sex underwear classification trademark

Sex underwear classification trademark

Introduction to sex underwear trademarks

Interest underwear is a female underwear, which has become more and more popular in recent years. It not only has sexy appearance, but also has a comfortable dressing experience.The birth of sexy underwear trademarks can be traced back to the 1980s, and in China, sexy underwear trademarks have begun to rise.Whether it is a European and American brand or a domestic brand, the distinctive sexy underwear trademarks have gradually emerged.

Sorting of sexy underwear trademarks

Depending on the difference in sex underwear trademarks, it can be divided into the following categories:

Graphic trademarks: Trademarks are mainly graphics, such as "red lips", "kimono", "wings" and so on.

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Text trademarks: Trademarks are mainly text, such as "charm of love", "heartbeat", "sorrow" and so on.

Combination trademark: Trademarks are composed of graphics and text, such as "Cosabella" and "Aimer".

European and American sexy underwear trademark features

The design of interesting underwear trademarks in European and American countries focuses on fashion and unique characteristics, and has a high degree of branding and personalization, walking at the forefront.The trademarks of "Victoria’s Secret", "La Senza", "Agent Provocateur" and other brands are impressed by brands and even become part of the brand impression.

Domestic sex lingerie trademark characteristics

Compared with European and American brands, domestic sexy underwear trademarks focus on the integration of traditional cultural elements, such as "Ruyi Langjun" and "loneliness".At the same time, some emerging brands have incorporated elements such as technology and environmental protection into trademark design, which meets the needs of modern women’s pursuit of healthy lifestyles.

Sexual Emotional Fun Underwear Trademark Design Elements

Sexual emotional interest underwear trademark design elements mainly include the following points:

Color factor: usually use black, red, pink and other tones to show women’s charming and sexy.

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Shape element: It can be classic heart shape, circular, etc., or unique style.

Pattern element: It can be details such as texture, lace, etc., and it looks more enchanting by supplemented by gorgeous patterns.

Adult sex lingerie trademark design elements

Adult sex lingerie trademark design elements refer to the sexy underwear trademark added to the adult content in the design. There are mainly the following elements:

Adult connotation: adult elements such as temptation, sexy, privacy, and the target customer group through trademarks.

Identity element: It can be composed of letters, symbols, numbers, etc., to produce temptation and mystery.

Female healthy sexy underwear trademark design elements

The main elements of women’s healthy underwear trademarks are concerned about women’s health, such as breast health and comfortable dressing experience. There are mainly the following elements:

Technology elements: Some brands will use scientific and technological materials, such as oxygen ions, to show the brand’s attention to female breast health.

Affinity element: The intimate connection of the brand into a close connection between women and couples is naturally combined with health, comfort, and naturally.

Fun underwear trademark portfolio design case

Here are some cases of erotic underwear trademarks with good combinations:

In the "aimer" trademark, the text "Aimer" becomes the main logo, while the graphic is "heart shape", which sends emotional factors and products together

In the "COSABELLA" trademark, the text and graphics "COS" and "Bella" are combined. The gorgeous appearance and perfect use experience have become the biggest selling point of the brand.

Interesting underwear trademark design cases

Here are several classic erotic underwear trademark design cases:

The colors of the font in the "Victoria’s Secret" trademark and the color of "Pink" emphasize the brand’s high -end and fashionability.

The squirrel shape in the "La Senza" trademark has a unique personality temperament, making it easier for brands to be remembered by consumers.

The golden retro flower pattern in the "agent provocateur" trademark creates a luxurious and sexy atmosphere, reflecting the brand’s quality and uniqueness.


Each sex underwear trademark has its unique design elements. Different brand trademarks represent the brand style and characteristics. For sexy underwear companies, trademark design is also an important part of brand operation. Good trademarks can not only attract consumersEyes can also set up a higher gold content for the brand.