Sex underwear challenge

Sex underwear challenge

Learn about different types of sexy underwear

Before buying sexy underwear, we must first understand what different types of sexy lingerie is and which occasion.According to different sexual orientation, personal preferences and occasions, sexy underwear can be divided into many different types.

Common sexy underwear type examples

Common sexy underwear types include sexy underwear, lace underwear, split panties, uniform temptations, stockings and restraint suits.Sexy underwear usually includes suspenders, bras, underwear or thongs, hanging sticks, etc.; Lace underwear is decorated with tulle and lace, exuding a romantic and sexy atmosphere; split panties and thong exposed the hips and the hips and the hips andThe private parts make people feel teasing; the temptation of uniforms is a kind of sexy underwear based on seductive uniforms, such as stewardess, nurse, police, etc.; Stockings are a kind of sexy underwear loved by many people.Skirts; restraint suits can make the relationship between couples closer and stimulated.

How to choose the right sexy underwear

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Choosing suitable sexy underwear requires consideration of various factors, including personal figure characteristics and style preferences, occasions and accessories.First, choose the type of sexy underwear suitable for your own figure.If the waist is thick, you can choose a waist or lace underwear to decorate the figure.Secondly, it is necessary to consider the occasions and accessories that need to be matched. Different occasions need different sexy underwear types. Improper matching will cause the entire image to conflict, which is embarrassing.

Pay attention to the material and quality of sexy underwear

The material and quality of sexy underwear determine the comfort and life of wearing.High -quality sexy lingerie materials should have natural breathability and quality, and it should undergo strict testing and production process.Of course, the price of sexy underwear is also very important. The quality of low -priced erotic underwear cannot be guaranteed. It is not only uncomfortable, but it may also cause harm to human health.

How to maintain sexy underwear

After choosing the right sexy underwear, it is also very important to maintain sexy underwear.Improper maintenance can lead to the deformation or loss of sexy underwear.The cleaning method of sexy underwear is very simple. You can use mild soapy water or special laundry solution. Be careful not to use bleach.After cleaning, the fun underwear should be placed in a ventilated place naturally, and it cannot be dried with a dryer.

Falling underwear wearing skills

After buying a suitable sexy underwear, it is important to wear it correctly.When wearing a sexy underwear, pay attention to placing the sexy underwear on the flat surface to make it the best effect.When wearing a sexy underwear, you can adjust the details of the shoulder straps and lock chain to make the entire dressing effect more perfect.

Precautions for the use of sexy underwear

When using sexy underwear, the most important thing is not to use too much.Wearing sexy underwear or excessive teasing for a long time will have a bad impact on the body.Therefore, pay attention to the use of sexy underwear, and properly cooperate with the atmosphere and its own needs.

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Skills of sexy underwear

Although sexy underwear is a sexy representative, it is necessary to consider other clothes and accessories when matching, especially whether the coat with underwear is suitable, otherwise it will destroy the entire image.You can choose transparent or loose tops, short skirts and high heels in sexy underwear, which can make sexy underwear vividly.

Recommended brand and website recommendation of sexy underwear

When choosing sexy underwear, in addition to choosing the appropriate sexy underwear, you also need to choose reliable brands and websites.Some brands and websites will be guaranteed to provide a better shopping experience and quality guarantee.The more well -known brands include Victoria’s Secrets, Aimer and La Perla, and on the website, express flowers, Uniqlo, Tmall, etc. are very good shopping platforms.


By understanding the knowledge of love underwear, selection skills, and maintenance precautions, I believe that the difficulty of buying and wearing sexy underwear has been well eased.However, erotic underwear is not universal, and more importantly is to choose a more suitable way to express it under the premise of your physical health and inner comfort.Finally, remind you that when you buy and use sexy underwear, you must choose carefully to maintain a healthy thinking and lifestyle.