Novel wearing a kung fu sexy underwear

Novel wearing a kung fu sexy underwear

A young girl named Ling Xue was shopping in the department store, and inadvertently entered a sexy underwear shop.Although she was a bit shy, she couldn’t help but look at those beautiful erotic underwear.

The first time wearing a kung fu sexy underwear

When Ling Xue saw a pink kungklift sexy underwear, he tried it.She felt a wonderful change, because the style of this underwear was very unique, showing her curve to the fullest.

Material of Gongci sexy underwear

Gongci sexy underwear is generally elastic silk yarn, which is very breathable and comfortable, showing women’s body lines vividly.

Experience the effect of merit sexy underwear

Ling Xue felt the charm of this sexy underwear, because it could adjust the proportion of figure, visually extended the leg lines, and at the same time, it also had the effect of lifting the hip lifting, and more perfectly showed the beauty of women.

The relationship between Kungki sexy underwear and sexy beauty

Many sexy beauties like to wear kung fu sexy underwear because they can add points to their beauty and strengthen self -confidence.Gongci sexy underwear shows women’s unique curve beauty, making them more sexy and charming.

Different types of kung fu sexy underwear

Gongci sexy underwear is divided into many types. Different styles are suitable for different occasions. For example, common fat MM underwear and three -point type, lace sexy underwear, are very popular.

Color and matching of Gongci sexy underwear

There are many colors of Kung Li’s sexy underwear, including big red, pink, champagne color and so on.It will be more layered to match, which can highlight the sexy charm of women.

Maintenance of Kungki sexy underwear

The maintenance of Kung Li’s sexy underwear is very important. It is recommended that women carefully read the explanation of each underwear washing label and follow the above cleaning method to prevent improper care and care, leading to deformation or fading.

How to wear merit and sexy underwear

The method of wearing Kung Li’s sexy underwear must be skillful. The underwear port must be avoided with wrinkles or meat, otherwise it will affect the aesthetic effect, so better seek the guidance of professionals.


In short, wearing Kung Li’s sexy underwear can make women more confident, attractive, and more attractive.As long as women dare to try, they will find that they are really suitable for showing curve beauty.

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