Ningbo sexy underwear model recruitment

Ningbo sexy underwear model recruitment notice

Ningbo is a well -known clothing industry city in the country, and is also one of the production bases of sexy underwear.Due to the continuous growth of market demand, our company is currently recruiting a batch of sexy underwear models for new products and marketing.

Recruitment condition

The recruitment target is between 18 and 30 years old, tall, fair -skinned, and correct.With a certain sexy and display ability, those who have dance performances or model experience are preferred.

Work content

1. Make sexy underwear display, display the elasticity, transparency and sexuality of the product.

2. Participate in the company’s internal activities and carry out product promotion and promotion.

3. Cooperate with the company’s media publicity and advertising shooting.


1. After joining the company, the company will provide specialized sexy underwear training to enhance the model’s display ability and artistic performance level.

2. According to personal performance and working hours, the company will provide salary higher than the market average.

3. The company will also provide employees with various benefits and insurances to ensure the health and interests of employees.

ways of registration

All eligible applicants can send personal resumes and recent photos to the company’s mailbox or office. The company will screen and invite interviewers who meet the requirements for interviews.

Focus on training of excellent models

As a sexy underwear model, you need to have excellent display ability and self -confidence. Therefore, the company will conduct special training in the following aspects:

1. Pose and walking posture: including the presentation of the arms, leg lines, and facial expressions;

2. Dance and action: When displaying the product, you can easily use various postures, movements and dances to better attract customers and netizens’ attention;

3. Dressing and makeup: Through careful makeup and good wear, it reflects the fashionability and sexuality of the product to achieve a better display effect.

Model career planning

As a sexy underwear model, it is not only a job, but also a profession.Through continuous training, improvement of professional skills, and continuous growth on the stage, in this industry, we will have more opportunities and greater development prospects.

Precautions for interviews

1. During the interview, pay attention to the body and makeup properly to show the candidate’s good manner and personal image;

2. During the interview process, you should show your own personality and artistic characteristics, and to maintain politeness and confidence at the same time;

3. The interview question and answer session should combine your own actual situation, answer the question appropriately, do not make unnecessary gorgeous expressions, and keep it naturally and smooth.

The right to interpretation of the recruitment plan

The company has the final interpretation of this recruitment plan.

If you dream of becoming a sexy underwear model and willing to contribute a power with your own beauty and talents, please call the company to recruit hotlines or send email registration.

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