Micro -fat sexy underwear

What is a slightly fat -type sexy underwear?

Female friends who are fat, need to pay attention to some issues when choosing sexy underwear.The slightly fat body usually refers to the body type of "small belly, small chest, buttocks fat" in the industry term.Women of this body need to buy some suitable sexy underwear to increase self -confidence and create a healthy and natural and sexy image.

What sexy underwear needs to pay attention to by slightly fat women?

1. Choose the right style

Micro -fat women can choose tightened thongs, briefs and other styles of waistlines, and modify the body shape visually to better highlight the beauty of the curve.In addition, the spoilless bra is also a good choice, it can effectively cover the fat under the armpit.

2. Select moderate material

For micro -fat women, the sexy underwear with too tight materials will increase the discomfort of physical condition. The appropriate material can effectively modify the body without increasing any discomfort.

3. Select the right size

Size is very important for women, and suitable sizes can effectively avoid some physical problems.If the selected sexy underwear size is too small, it will cause the sexy underwear to produce fake meat, but it will be counterproductive; if the size of the selection is too large, it will cause erotic underwear to not wear the body perfectly.

What are the sexy underwear suitable for micro -fat women?

1. Pure color sexy underwear

Choosing a pure color sexy underwear can create a simple beauty.The design of sexy underwear can not be too cumbersome. Purucium is the best choice. The simple color can modify the figure and show more sexy.

2. Hooking sexy shirt

The transparent hook erotic underwear design will be revealed with some sense, but you can choose a underwear with extra details to show a more unique impression.

3. Hot Net Saito Welling Underwear

If you want to highlight the beauty of slightly fat bodies, then the hot net gauze sex underwear must be your best choice.It can increase the sense of hierarchy on the sexy underwear and make slightly fat women have richer figure charm.

How to match the sexy underwear of slightly fat women?

1. With high waist underwear

High -waisted underwear can carry a small belly, eliminate the physical discomfort of slightly fat women, and better improve the aesthetics of artistic atmosphere.

2. With lace panties

Lace underwear, even the classic of sweet and sexy coexistence, and it can produce the body lines of slightly fat women, making the proportion of waistline and ankle more beautiful.

3. Paired with beam waist shorts

Waist -waist shorts are one of the most suitable shorts for micro -fat women.It will conceive a relatively natural arc to modify the curve beauty of the female crotch and the beauty of women in the waist.

Instead of use in sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is very helpful for micro -fat women. Smooth purchase of sexy underwear can weaken the flaws of micro -fat women, and can enhance the aesthetics of the body.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, merchants’ requirements for consumers have also improved.

How to buy sexy underwear that suits you?

1. Try to try on

Trying penetration is the key to buying fun underwear.When trying to penetrate sexy underwear, female friends need to try to lie on their backs, stand up their chest, so that the sexy underwear can be integrated into the body.

2. Pay attention to the size

Size is very important for women.Instead of sexy underwear that is not suitable for your size will not only produce flaws, but also affect this wonderful time.

3. Pay attention to the material

Female friends should pay attention to the material of sexy underwear when buying. In addition to natural materials such as cotton, they should also avoid some artificial fibers and so on.

What are the problems of the customization of sexy underwear?

1. Define personal needs

In the early days of the customization of sex underwear, we must not only take into account the needs of the market, but also understand your own needs to better choose the turn you need.

2. The color of color is clear

When the erotic underwear is customized, the color and pattern must be more energetic, which can well reflect the nature of sexy.

3. Determine the fabric of the clothing

When the orange is deep, the rigidity of the cotton is more tacky, and the streamlined warmth cannot be used to dress with too loose materials.

Sex underwear, is it suitable for everyone?

The beauty and sexy demands represented by sex underwear are people’s pursuit of their own beautiful.It can continue beautiful effects through the appropriate material, design and size under the efforts of consumers.Whether it is slightly fat, slim, or fair and beautiful skin, sexy underwear is suitable for everyone!

in conclusion

Regardless of whether the figure is slightly fat, everyone can choose their favorite erotic underwear to highlight their aesthetics and enhance self -confidence. The key is to pay attention to physical needs when choosing sex underwear, and choose the size, material and style that suits them.Women can match the appropriate underwear in the choice of sexy underwear to let the body create a healthier and natural image.

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