Liu Yu’er’s sexy underwear photo

Liu Yu'er's sexy underwear photo

Liu Yu’er’s sexy underwear photo

Liu Yu’er is a highly anticipated sexy female model. Her face is exquisite and her figure. She used to be the dream lover of many boys.Recently, she released a set of sexy underwear photos, which once again attracted the attention of fans.

Sexy suit

In this set of sexy underwear photos, Liu Yier wore different styles of sexy underwear. The most attractive is the sexy suit. It consists of two pieces of upper and lower pieces, which is more colorful.The top is lace texture, light and transparent, and wears a bow embellish on the chest. It has a different kind of small fresh beauty.The lower body is a mesh skirt, full of mysterious temptation.

Lace underwear

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Lace underwear is a major category in sexy underwear. Because of its transparent material and full of women’s softness, it gives people special visual enjoyment.The lace underwear that Liu Yaer wore was black as the background, and the design was simple, revealing the sexy atmosphere of a mature woman.The lace material wraps the chest, outlines the charming lines of women, while the pants are kept concise and generous.

Low -cut underwear

Liu Yier also showed a classic low -cut underwear in the photo.Low -cut underwear can show women’s sexy sexy without losing charm.This low -cut underwear is made of red lace material, which not only shows the feminineness of women, but also more beautiful.Deep V neckline and sexy lace adds a lot of charm to women.

Chest underwear

A chest underwear is a sexy underwear. It can squeeze the chest out of a certain space, which increases the depth of the cleavage and shows the sexy of women.Liu Yier’s underwear, which is made of black lace, is gorgeous and sexy.The design of the cup made the chest more upright, and it also highlighted the cleavage.

Transparent underwear

Transparent underwear is a very bold design in sexy underwear. It will visually stimulate the imagination of men, thereby achieving a stronger sexy effect.Liu Yu’er’s transparent underwear, with high -quality tulle material, light and transparent, showing her perfect figure, making people never forget.

Stockings high heel

Stockings high heels are one of the important combinations of sexy underwear. It helps support women’s leg lines and increases the slender arc of legs.In Liu Yu’er’s sexy underwear photo, black stockings high -heeled shoes not only extended her leg lines, but also strengthened the sexy effect.


Beach photo

In addition to sexy underwear photos, Liu Yu’er also participated in many beach photo activities.In these photos, she wore transparent personal underwear and bikini to highlight her perfect curve.Transparent underwear and bikini can see her beautiful buttocks at a glance, which is dazzling.

Nightclub matching

Interest underwear can not only be a private time, but also for nightclub matching.Liu Yier was wearing a cool tube top dress in the nightclub, revealing sexy collarbone.It reveals her sexy characteristics and makes her the focus of the nightclub.

Sports underwear

Sports underwear can also be sexy underwear.Liu Yu’er’s sports underwear, which uses high elastic materials, allows the chest to be better supported, and at the same time, the breathability is also very good.Not only that, she also showed a fresh lady while exercising.


Sexy underwear is a basic manifestation of sexy sex.Whether it is a formal occasion or a private moment, sexy underwear can fully show the sexy characteristics of women.Liu Yu’er’s sexy underwear photo provides a lot of matching and dressing skills, allowing us to have more inspiration in dressing and better show our charm.