I wear sex underwear to draw track female leaders

I wear sex underwear to draw track female leaders

First wearing a sexy jacket

I have known the Lord Wen for several months. She is a very attractive woman and a successful woman in the workplace. In her body, I have seen many goals and quality I want to pursue.

One night, I was called to her house, and she told me that she had a new sexy underwear. I wanted to show me and see my reaction.

She changed into that erotic underwear, and I couldn’t help being attracted by her charm.It was a black perspective underwear, which was very sexy and could highlight her perfect figure.I can’t help but start to want to be wrong.

Temptation of sexy underwear

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Since that night, I have gradually been attracted by sexy underwear.Every time I see the heroine, I hope she puts on the sexy underwear in front of me.

Slowly, I started to gradually become an infidelity, thinking that if I can experience what other women feel like wearing sexy underwear.

I started to become more and more indifferent, and my feelings with the heroine also began to crack.

Escape from reality sexy underwear

Interest underwear has become a means to escape from reality.Whenever I feel irritable and stress, I think of those women wearing sexy underwear.

It stimulated me and made me temporarily forget all my troubles. It became the sustenance of another life.

The temptation of sexy underwear is everywhere

Gradually, I started searching for various sexy underwear online, and I could even feel the sexy and tempting they emitted from some product descriptions.

Once, when I was walking on the street, I saw a woman wearing a sexy underwear. Her figure was perfect. At this moment, I felt my heart began to mad.


I am attracted by sexy underwear, I want more feelings.

Talk to the girl with a sexy underwear girl

Once, when I was drinking in the bar, I saw a girl wearing sexy lingerie.I felt my heart began to jump again.

I didn’t hesitate to talk to her. After we drank a few glasses of wine, I spent a good night in her room.

However, this night just made me start to indulge in the feeling of sexy underwear, and my heart began to become more and more empty.

Addicted and sexy underwear

I started buying a variety of different styles of sexy underwear. Every time I watched them, I felt my heart began to jump.

I began to pursue more erotic lingerie stimuli, even dressed between same -sex.My heart can no longer be stuck into the world of sexy underwear.

Final destination

My heart has been conquered by sexy underwear, but I also realize that my behavior has begun to cause damage to others.I am no longer the brave and pursuit, but a person who is addicted to sexy underwear.

I realized that the final destination was not in sexy underwear, but back to the original life, and began to face my life bravely.


Interest underwear may bring some stimulus and pleasure in our lives, but we cannot let them be a means of escaping from reality.We should cherish our real life and bravely face our lives and emotions.