I take the initiative to wear fun underwear boyfriends

Why do I take the initiative to wear sexy underwear?

As a young woman, I am full of enthusiasm and curiosity about life.When my boyfriend and I are together, I will make our relationships more intimate and pure.Therefore, I decided to let myself try to wear sexy underwear.I believe this will make our relationship more exciting and interesting.

Choose a sexy lingerie style that suits you

Before buying sexy underwear, I spent a lot of time browsing various styles of sexy underwear.In the end, I chose a set of sexual erotic lingerie suitable for my body and taste.The style I chose is very comfortable, so that I can wear them to fall asleep at night.

Make yourself feel more confident and beautiful

Wearing a sexy underwear is very conducive to improving women’s confidence and beauty.When I was wearing them, I felt that I was full of charm and female characteristics, which made me very confident.I think this self -confidence and beauty pass to my boyfriend makes us closer.

Increase the sexual attraction between two people

Wearing sex lingerie can increase sexual attractiveness between two people.This sexy skirt that is close to the body stimulates male sexual fantasies. After this fantasy is satisfied, it will further strengthen the relationship between the two.

Create a distinctive romantic memory

Everyone wants to leave special memories in their lives.Wearing a sexy underwear will make the ordinary day special and create a different romantic memory.This memory will become our common wealth and make our feelings more stable.

Enhance the intimacy between husband and wife

Some studies have pointed out that the intimacy between husband and wife has a lot to do with the sexual life between the two.You can increase sexual attraction between husband and wife through wearing a sexy underwear, thereby increasing intimacy.This can increase the emotional connection between the two people and make each other more trust and understanding.

Add new fun to intercourse

When I am with my boyfriend, we always look for some new fun to keep the relationship between us fresh and interesting.Wearing a sexy underwear is such a new way, it makes us play and enjoy the process of intercourse more creatively.

Enhance your sexy charm

Wearing a sexy underwear can make women full of sexy charm.For me, this makes me feel more attractive and can attract the attention of men.Men are also easy to be attracted by this charm, so they are more willing to be with me.

Love needs to be continuously innovated and adjusted

Love needs to be continuously innovated and adjusted.In my opinion, wearing erotic underwear is such an innovation and adjustment.It makes our relationship more energetic and vitality, creating the next step, making the other party even more surprising.

my point of view

In general, when I decide to wear sexy underwear, it mainly considers the intimacy and enhanced attractiveness of two people.But with the continuous development of our relationship, I realize that the benefits of this kind of skirt are far more than these two points.Wearing erotic underwear can make us feel more confident and beautiful, create special romantic memories, increase the fun of new intercourse, and promote the trust and understanding of the two.I believe that every woman should try to wear sexy underwear, which can make our lives more colorful, healthy and happy.

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