How to make sexy underwear videos at home

How to make sexy underwear videos at home

How to make sexy underwear videos at home?

Interest underwear is an increasingly popular product in modern life.People like to choose sexy underwear on special days to increase fun, stimulus and interest.Many people want to know how to make sexy underwear.In this article, we will provide a simple and easy -to -understand erotic underwear self -made tutorial video.


First of all, in order to make sexy underwear, we need to prepare the following materials:

1. Basic underwear: You can design it yourself, buy ready -made ones or use old underwear to transform;

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2. Fabric: It is best to have elastic satin, lace or silk, etc.;

3. Accessories: ribbon, lace, fluorescent pen, etc.;

4. Sewing machines, scissors and other sewing supplies.

Step 1: Select the design plan

Before making sexy underwear, we need to choose the design plan that we want to make in our minds.This can be searched online or refer to various underwear brands.Then, design your own underwear based on your own craftsmanship and experience.

Step 2: Measure the body size

Next, we need to accurately measure our body size.Because sexy underwear needs to be worn tightly, it must be calculated accurately when choosing size.Measure according to its design scheme.

Step 3: Cut the underwear style

Cut the selected fabric according to the underwear style.Before sewing, you can use simple needles and lines to make a model to test whether it is appropriate.If you need it, you can also modify or fine -tuning according to your own body shape until you reach the required effect.

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Step 4: Select the right needle and line

In order to sew sex underwear, you need to choose suitable needles and lines.Generally speaking, you can use lace needles and transparent lines. This kind of needle line can be hidden in the fabric well.

Step 5: Start sewing

When sewing, you need to sew step by step according to the underwear style.For beginners, it is recommended to choose a simple style to start practicing, and try more complicated styles later.

Step 6: Add accessories

After completing the subject, you can add some accessories, such as ribbon and lace.You can choose according to your own personality and preferences.These accessories can increase the beauty and attractiveness of sexy underwear, and can also increase sexy temperament.

Step 7: Try to penetrate

After making a lot of sexy underwear, you can try it on.If it is very different from expected, you can also modify it again until you reach your satisfactory results.

Step 8: Shooting video

When you finish making sexy underwear, you can shoot a video of self -made sex underwear.For beginners, we recommend using mobile phones or cameras to shoot and upload videos to social media or video websites.


Self -made erotic underwear is not an easy task, but as long as you are willing to work hard, you can get high -quality results.Remember, this takes time and patience, but the final results will exceed your imagination.