Go to buy sexy underwear with your mother

Go to buy sexy underwear with your mother

The first time I went to the sex shop

That day, my mother took me to a sexy underwear store.I am a little nervous and shy because I have never been to such a place before.But her mother said it was normal, she wanted to choose some sexy underwear for herself.

Various styles of sexy underwear

Entering the store, I was surprised to find that there are really many types of sexy underwear.There are lace, hook flowers, pads, perspective, and so on.Moms explain that different styles are suitable for different occasions, such as some styles can be worn on special days, and some can be worn on ordinary days.

Different styles of sexy underwear are suitable

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After listening to my mother’s explanation, I also began to become interested in different styles of sexy underwear.She told me that seeking underwear is suitable for private places, and underwear with pads can be more comfortable to wear when going out, don’t worry about outsiders’ attention.

Important size and FIT

When we choose underwear, the clerk will often ask questions about size and FIT.Mom explained that the size is very important. You must choose a size suitable for you to wear more comfortable.In addition, Fit is also very important. Choosing underwear suitable for your body is not only beautiful, but also better comfort.

How to choose a size

My mother told me that I wanted to measure my size, and then select the appropriate size according to the brand’s size table.The size of different brands is slightly different. Pay attention to choosing the most suitable size to wear.

How to choose the right FIT

When choosing underwear, it is best to put it on and check whether the FIT is suitable.When we raise our hands or bend over, whether the underwear is restricted or falling off.If so, then this underwear may not be suitable for your body.

Color is also very important

In addition to styles and sizes, color is also one of the factors that consider when choosing sexy underwear.My mother told me that light and black underwear is the most suitable choice for everyone.But also choose the right color according to your preferences, such as the earth color and pink.


How to maintain sexy underwear

The maintenance and cleaning of underwear is also a question we need to consider.According to the material of the underwear, choose different cleaning methods.For example, cotton underwear is best to wash. Do not stir with washing machines to avoid destroying fiber.

Attitude towards sexy underwear

Although I have no experience in daring sexy underwear, I have come here to choose a sexy underwear with my mother, making me realize that sexy underwear is also normal, and this underwear can not only make women better express their charm betterIt can also enhance self -confidence.Therefore, everyone’s attitude towards sexy underwear should be positive and open.