Fun underwear tickle

Fun underwear tickle

Fun underwear tickle


Interest underwear is a kind of clothing that makes women feel sexy and confident.But sometimes wearing erotic underwear feel itching, which is a very common problem among many women.Today we will solve this problem, introduce some reasons for the itching and how to solve this problem.

Reason 1: Material and wear time

It will cause itching when wearing a sexy underwear for a long time or impermeability of the material.In particular, some cheap erotic underwear lacks breathability in the material itself and cannot breathe the skin comfortably.Choosing high -quality materials or reducing the time of dressing can solve this problem.

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Reason 2: Underwear size is inappropriate

Most of the underwear size or too much can cause discomfort and itching.Too small underwear can deform the chest, and too large underwear will rub the skin and chest, causing itching.Choosing the right size can improve the comfort of the underwear.

Reason 3: Skin sensitivity

Some people’s skin is more sensitive, and when wearing sexy underwear, it may cause irritation to the skin.This is also one of the reasons for itching.When choosing a sexy underwear, you should choose the material that is not irritating and indifferent to the skin.

Solution 1: Select the material with good breathability

In order to make sexy underwear comfortable, it is very important to choose the material with good breathability.High -quality silk or cotton underwear is a good choice.At the same time, the time to wear sexy underwear should also be appropriately reduced to avoid compression of the skin.

Solution 2: Select the right size

In order to prevent the underwear from being too small or too large, choosing the right size is crucial.It is recommended to try on a size in the store when buying sexy underwear to ensure that you should fit your body as much as possible, and don’t be too loose or too tight.

Solution 3: Select the style that suits you

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In addition to the size and material, you should also choose a sexy lingerie style that suits you.Most women like low -cut or deep V -neck sexy underwear, but for women who are more sensitive to individual skin or have requirements for breasts, they may feel uncomfortable or tingling when wearing underwear.Choosing the right sexy underwear style and style is also the key to maintaining comfort.

Solution 4: Keep underwear clean

Maintaining erotic underwear cleaning is also the key to maintaining underwear comfort.Frequent cleaning and replacement of underwear can reduce the breeding of bacteria and dirt and reduce the stimulation of the skin.

in conclusion

Wearing erotic underwear do not have to abandon comfort.Choosing a good breathability, the appropriate size and style, and keeping clean and drying are the key to make the sexy underwear comfortable.I hope that the above methods can help women who feel itchy in sexy underwear.