Full Beauty Fun Show

Full Beauty Fun Show

Full Beauty Fun Show

Wearing a suitable erotic underwear can not only increase the charm of women, but also make them self -confidence.For a plump beauty, choosing the right sexy underwear can show their beautiful curves.This article will introduce you to the skills of full beauty wearing sexy lingerie to help them discover their charm.

1. Understand your own size

In order to choose the right sexy underwear, plump beauties must understand their own size.They need to measure their chests, waist and hips to choose the right size when buying sexy underwear.

2. Select elastic material

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When a plump beauty wears sexy underwear, she should choose elastic materials.This can better wrap the body and show the perfect body curve, and at the same time make them feel more comfortable.

3. Avoid tight underwear

Although tight underwear can shape the perfect figure, for a plump beauty, too tight underwear will make their figure look bloated.Therefore, when choosing underwear, they should avoid too tight styles and choose elastic underwear.

4. Select V -shaped style

For a plump beauty, choosing a V -shaped sexy lingerie style is one of the best choices.This style can lengthen the body ratio and make the shape more beautiful.

5. Choose underwear with chest support

The plump beauty’s breasts need better support and parcels, so they can choose sexy underwear with chest support.This underwear style can make the chest more upright and increase the charm of women.

6. Choose underwear that suits your style

When choosing a sexy underwear, a plump beauty should choose a style that suits her style.If they like sports styles, they can choose sporty sexy underwear. If they like sweet style, they can choose lace lace style.


7. Choose underwear suitable for your skin color

Full beauty should choose sexy underwear suitable for their skin tone, so that they can better set off their skin beauty.For example, women with yellow skin can choose warm -colored underwear, while white skin women can choose cold -colored underwear.

8. Choose high waist panties

For a plump beauty, choosing high -waisted underwear is one of the best choices.This type of underwear style can effectively modify the lower abdomen and make the shape more beautiful.

9. Cooperate with good socks

Interest underwear includes not only underwear and bras, but also socks are also important parts.For a plump beauty, choosing socks suitable for you can better show women’s charm.

10. Summary

Full beauty wearing sexy underwear can add their own charm and confidence.When choosing sexy underwear, they need to understand their own size, choose elastic materials and style suitable for them.At the same time, choosing the right socks and underwear is also very important.I hope these techniques can help the full beauty of sexy underwear.