Fairy underwear that is drying outside

Fairy underwear that is drying outside

Fairy underwear that is drying outside

Interest underwear has always been the favorite of many women. They have a variety of styles and diverse colors.However, how to dry up after buying sexy underwear?Drying is a very important part. Incorrect drying methods will not only deform and fade in sex underwear, but also breed bacteria and bring adverse effects on the body.In this article, I will dry the topic of sexy underwear outside to share some skills and precautions with you.

1. Category to dry

First, we need to classify sexy underwear.For example, considering the size and support of different types of underwear, we can divide them into low -waist underwear, triangular underwear, triangular T -shaped underwear, flat -angle underwear, etc.In this way, we can better master the characteristics of sexy underwear and drying methods.

2. Avoid direct sunlight

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Many people like to hang sexy underwear directly on the window to dry. This approach is not desirable.Long -term sun exposure will shrink and deform underwear, while also promoting the fading of color underwear.Therefore, we must dry the sexy underwear in a place without direct sunlight, or use a transparent shading net to avoid the harm of direct sunlight.

3. Scientific drying

In order to make sex underwear not deform and change color during drying, we also need to adopt scientific drying methods.Generally speaking, fun underwear can be dried with a towel first, and then placed in a well -ventilated and cool place to dry naturally, or use auxiliary tools such as sunscreen frames, hanging hams, clips, and other auxiliary tools to dry.

4. Avoid high temperature ironing

Some people like to use a pocket iron or directly use the iron to hotly use the sexy underwear.However, this practice will be easier to deform at the ironing place, and in severe cases, it may cause melting.Therefore, we must avoid using high -temperature ironing. We can choose to use steam iron for ironing.

5. It should not be blends with other clothes

Interest underwear is private clothes and should not be washed with other clothes.This is because different types of clothing may have different physical properties, such as friction, dyeing, etc., which can easily cause sexual underwear to be damaged.Therefore, whether it is washing, drying or storage, it should be separated from other clothes time.

6. Avoid excessive reversal

Many people often use strong twisting and rubbing methods when washing sex underwear, thinking that this can better clean the stains.However, this method can easily lead to deformation of underwear, and it will be better to use a slight rubbing method.


7. Pay attention to the use of detergent

The types, quantities and consistency of detergents are all related to washing effects and underwear quality.Generally speaking, washing agents with high protection performance and washing power are more suitable for sexy underwear.At the same time, use detergents as little as possible, so as not to leave chemicals to cause damage to the body and underwear.

8. Replace the underwear regularly

Finally, it is also important to replace underwear regularly.Even if we adopt the correct washing and drying method, underwear will still produce irreversible changes with use, such as decreased size and weakening elasticity.Therefore, we should check and replace the old underwear regularly in time to ensure that the underwear has always maintained the best performance.

After learning the above tips, we will be more reasonable and scientific for the drying method of sexy underwear, and at the same time, we can also protect the quality of the body and sexy underwear.We should constantly explore the purchase of good and low -priced sexy underwear, and to dry and maintain in accordance with the correct way, bringing the best functions and effects to the underwear.