Discuss sexy underwear with your boyfriend

Discuss sexy underwear with your boyfriend


Congratulations to you have a boyfriend who is willing to discuss sexy underwear with you.Interest underwear makes you feel more sexy and can also increase the fun of sex.This article will tell you how to discuss erotic underwear with your boyfriend to make your relationship better.

Know your own needs

Before looking for suitable sexy underwear, you need to understand your needs.Do you want a sexy bra or a proud underwear?Do you want to try a suit or a single product?When you know what you need, you can better discuss with your boyfriend to choose which erotic underwear.

Know your boyfriend’s acceptance level

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When discussing sexy underwear, you need to know the acceptance of your boyfriend.Some men may not like or understand sexy underwear, but some men like them very much.Therefore, before the discussion, talk to her boyfriend about the idea of sexy or sexual life.


Keep communication in the process of buying sexy underwear and you.If your boyfriend doesn’t like the sexy underwear you choose, you should understand his thoughts and change your choice.

Try new things

You can try new styles or material sexy underwear.This can strengthen your relationship with your boyfriend.New attempts may bring you a better sex life or better experience.

do not be shy

Don’t be shy when discussing sexy underwear.Interest underwear is a way to increase erotic life.Don’t be too bold and shy because your thoughts are too bold, your thoughts may surprise your boyfriend.

Choose suitable materials

It is important to choose suitable materials.Many sexy underwear is made of lace, silk or chic cotton.Understanding the characteristics of various materials can make you better choose a sexy underwear that suits you and your boyfriend.


Make it a game

Understanding erotic lingerie is a way to increase sex.It is beneficial to create some games between your boyfriend, sexy underwear and yourself.Through some mini -games, small punishment and small rewards, you can increase the fun of sex.

Considering personal preferences

When choosing a sexy underwear, you must consider your personal preferences and your boyfriend.Too bold choices may make my boyfriend uncomfortable, and too conservative choices may make you boring.Only two people like it, it is a good choice.

Cooperate with brand

Sometimes cooperation with brand is a good choice.Find a brand that suits you, and you can buy more cheap erotic underwear with the brand.Try to contact the sexy underwear brand and seek their suggestions and cooperation.

in conclusion

Discussing sexy underwear may be a small theme, but it can strengthen the relationship between you and her boyfriend, and it can also increase the fun of fun life.Through the suggestions in this article, you can better choose a sexy underwear that suits you and create a more perfect relationship with your boyfriend.