Costume erotic underwear real picture Daquan

Costume erotic underwear real picture Daquan

1. Thousands of gauze skirt series

This series of costume sexy underwear uses high -quality lace fabrics and delicate embroidery technology, with soft gauze skirts, showing a charming and feminine style.It is very suitable for special occasions or romantic dating.

2. Golden Silk satin series

This satin sex lingerie uses exquisite golden silk crafts and soft satin fabrics, integrating classic ancient clothing elements into the design, creating an elegant and elegant sexy underwear, put on it, and let you be in one oneFeel a luxurious and elegant atmosphere.

3. Peach blossom fairy’s lace series

This lace sexy underwear is inspired by the romantic peach blossom fairy. It adds a bows and tassel decorations to the delicate lace, showing a different sense of beauty.At the same time, a slightly curved design is added, it is more comfortable and comfortable to wear.

4. Silk series of hollow embroidery

This ancient and sexy underwear uses hollow and woven technology to make high -quality silk fabrics and delicate patterns emerging. Light and soft fabrics and artistic embroidery complement each other, allowing the wearersEssence

5. Ancient Hanfu series

Compared with the traditional Hanfu, this costume underwear is more decorative and strong than the traditional Hanfu.Special retaining the design elements of Hanfu, the sexy characteristics of sexy underwear, wearing it, let you return to the Tang Dynasty, like time.

6. The feather series of feathers dances

The feathers make the design of the sexy underwear add a romantic and gorgeous sense. This feather erotic underwear is one of them.In conjunction with fabrics such as silk and lace, add printed and hollow processes to present a quiet but sexy dress.

7. The embroidery series of thousands of years

The design inspiration of this thousand -year -old embroidered underwear is derived from the traditional Chinese embroidery technology. The delicate lines and long -term historical casting has made it irreplaceable special charm.With lace and hollow materials, it presents a gentle and determined beauty.

8. A little funny series of blue and white porcelain

This blue and white porcelain sexy underwear uses a unique blue and white porcelain printing technology. Although the traditional blue and white porcelain has missed the materials such as lace and mesh, it is enough to attract many people’s attention because this uniqueness alone.And it is still a sexy sexy underwear, wearing it, which makes people exude a different artistic atmosphere.

9. Red Lady’s satin bed cage series

This silver -satin -made underwear is inspired by the red lady, and the ancient bed cage style is carefully carved.Under high -quality fabrics and exquisite workmanship, this sexy underwear has a profound cultural connotation, which is even more feminine.

10. Feifeng Flying Snow Series

This flying snowy underwear uses the design of gradient color and tassel, which is simple and gorgeous.At the same time, the details such as beads and lace are added, and it is fused with high -quality fabrics to make this sexy lingerie disperse a charming atmosphere. It is a good choice for women in the winter season.

The above is a reality picture of the costumes of costumes introduced in this article. I hope to provide you with some references and suggestions.No matter which one you love, the most important thing is to wear your own style and personality to make yourself more confident, beautiful, and elegant.

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