Agent sexy underwear profit

Agent sexy underwear profit


With the continuous expansion of the domestic and foreign markets in the sexy underwear market, agents’ sexy underwear has become the choice of more and more investors.This article will discuss the profit of agent’s sexy underwear.

The profit source of the agent sex lingerie

The main source of profit for agent sex underwear is the difference between prices and costs.The agent signed a contract with the manufacturer, and the procurement cost is relatively low.The agent then sold these products to the terminal consumers at a higher price and obtained profits from it.

The cost of agent sex underwear

The cost of agency sex underwear includes the cost of procurement, freight, labor costs, office leasing, and maintenance optimization websites.These costs will directly affect the profit level of agents.

Selection of proxy channels

Agent erotic underwear can choose a variety of channels, such as opening up online stores, forced direct sales, expanding the wholesale market, opening sales points, and so on.Different channels may have a profound impact on product sales and profits.

Proxy cooperation

Agent cooperation methods generally include exclusive agents, regional agents, brand agents, wholesale agents, and so on.Choosing the right agent cooperation method will help improve profits and ensure the sustainability of the business.

Agent sex lingerie market competition

Contemporary agents’ sexy underwear market giants have emerged, and competition between agents is becoming increasingly fierce.At the same time, the price war also needs to pay attention to product quality and services to enhance the brand image and market share.

Agent sex lingerie marketing strategy

The marketing strategy of agent sex lingerie includes brand promotion, online marketing, offline promotion, etc. Different marketing strategies will also directly affect sales and profits.Therefore, agents should choose the appropriate marketing strategy according to the actual situation and market demand.

The inventory management of the agency sex lingerie

The agent needs to refine the inventory of the agent’s sexy underwear.Too much inventory will increase the storage cost, and too little inventory will affect sales.Therefore, reasonable inventory management will have an extremely important impact on the profits of agents.

Agent sex lingerie rebate policy

Many erotic underwear manufacturers will adopt some rebate policies to attract agent cooperation. For example, if the purchase reaches a certain amount, it will enjoy a certain discount or additional subsidy.The reasonable use of these policies will help increase the sales and profits of agents.

The service quality of the agency sex lingerie

The service quality of agents is an important factor that attracts customers and maintains customer loyalty.Good customer service can provide high -quality sales consulting and after -sales service, thereby increasing the customer’s willingness and loyalty, and affecting the reputation and profits of the agent.


The profits of agency sex underwear depends on the coordination of many factors, including choosing the appropriate agency cooperation method, channel selection, inventory management, rebate policy, customer service, etc.Agents need to continuously optimize their business strategies to improve the stability and sustainability of sales and profits.

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