2019 sex lingerie catwalk video

2019 sex lingerie catwalk video

2019 sex lingerie catwalk video


As a must -have for sexy fashion, sexy underwear has been popular since its inception.Each year, major brands will launch new sexy underwear and have a grand press conference.Of course, the heavy drama of these conferences is the sexy underwear catwalk!This article will bring you the selection of the 2019 sexy underwear show.

Background music

Interest underwear catwalk not only must have sexy models and exquisite underwear, but also require a suitable background music.In recent years, many brands have adopted popular songs as catwalk music. For example, the 2019 Victoria Show used the songs of Taylor Swift and Jenny Jackson.Background music must be consistent with the style of sexy underwear, and it is also necessary to consider the taste of the audience.

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Brand selection

There are many brands of sexy underwear catwalks, such as Victoria’s Secret, La Perla, domestic brands such as Aig and Playboy.The catwalks of different brands have different styles, both European and American styles, as well as the elegant and gentle Asian style.

Fashion Design

As a private product for women, sexy underwear has higher design requirements.Designers must not only consider the beauty of underwear, but also the comfort and practicality of the underwear.In recent years, many brands have joined technology elements, such as using various special materials and shock -absorbing sweat -absorbing technologies to make a sense of fashion underwear with both fashion and technology.

make up

The makeup of the models of the sexy underwear catwalk should not be ignored.The process of makeup must not only take into account the features of the model, but also the style of sexy underwear.Common makeup styles include sexy, high -profile, natural, etc.

Stage design

The stage design of sexy underwear catwalk is also a critical part.The stage must match the style of sexy underwear, which should not only highlight the sexy and noble of the sexy underwear, but also create a shocking visual effect for the audience.Some stage design also uses high -tech elements such as light and shadow technology, laser fantasy.


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The performance of sexy underwear catwalks is strange.Common forms of single catwalks, double shows, and multi -play shows are divided into two types: graphic show and catwalk show.The flat show is more creative, and the model can stand on various items to display sexy underwear.The catwalk show is a traditional form of catwalk, usually in multiple links.

Audience response

The sexy underwear catwalk is a "seeing process", and the audience’s response cannot be ignored.Generally, sexy underwear catwalks will be used to increase the audience’s sense of participation in links and on -site interaction.Some international brands pay more attention to personalized services and details.Whether it is domestic or international brands, audiences can experience unprecedented visual feasts from the sexy lingerie show.

Look forward to

The outlook of sexy underwear catwalks is very broad.In the future, with the continuous development of technology, the form of the catwalk will become more and more creative. Major brands will also introduce new new products.No matter where you go, the fun underwear walking show will be a topic full of mystery and excitement.