2016 sexy underwear show video


In 2016, the video of the Interest Underwear show, everyone who has watched it knows that this is an unforgettable visual feast.Some of the most popular underwear brands and designers show their latest designs, so that people have a deeper understanding and understanding of sexy underwear.

1. Classic style

In the 2016 sexy underwear show, many brands show their classic styles. These styles are pursuing simple and elegant, showing women’s elegance and charm.

2. Sexy underwear

On the sexy underwear show in 2016, sexy underwear still occupies the mainstream.These underwear usually use a large amount of lace, tulle and low -cut design, and show the beauty of women at the same time, making people unable to look away.

3. Sports style and fun underwear

Sports and colorful lingerie is a new trend of this year. They use more sports elements, such as elastic fabrics and loose design, so that women can maintain their fashion style while maintaining their own fashion style.

4. Flower elements

On the 2016 sexy underwear show, flower elements are widely used.From lace lace to flower printing, these flower elements make women’s underwear more gentle and charming, reflecting their feminine temperament.

5. Luxury design

Luxury design is usually used to attract women who pay attention to quality and details.For example, use jewelry and crystal to decorate underwear, or use advanced fabrics and handmade to show the exquisite and elegant underwear.

6. College atmosphere

The college atmosphere is one of the popular trends this year. These underwear usually use elegant brown or gray tones, and are equipped with classic plaid patterns and metal buttons, showing the noble and intellectual atmosphere of women.

7. Perspective design

Perspective design is a new design trend that uses perspective materials and opaque materials to make underwear to show women’s sexy beauty.This design usually uses black, red or white colors to show the sexy and mysterious feeling of women.

8. Bold innovation

Some brands show some bold innovative designs on the 2016 sexy underwear show, such as asymmetric design, geometric elements, misplaced flower rings and retro styles.These designs show the personality and creativity of underwear designers, which surprise and excite the audience.

in conclusion

The 2016 sex lingerie show shows the highest level of underwear design and production, and each design is creative and characteristic.Whether it is a classic style or bold innovation, each design shows women’s elegance, sexy and confident confidence.

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