2008 Columba sex underwear show

2008 Columba sex underwear show

2008 Columba sex underwear show

At the 2008 Instead Underwear Show held in the National Stadium of Columbia, the sexy sexy lingerie style and the perfect figure of the model have attracted the attention of many audiences. Let’s take a look at this grand erotic underwear show.


The sexy underwear show is a event for showing various sexy underwear styles and model figures to the public.At this exhibition, brands and designers show the latest styles and the latest design trends in various ways.These exhibitions are not only a popular trend, but also expressed a power of free thinking and women.

Highlight 1: Color

Fishnet Cut Out Bodystocking Chemise – 7170

In this 2008 Columba sex lingerie show brand and designers present a variety of sexual and erotic lingerie to the audience, showing a variety of colors, including pink, purple, red, black, white, and gold.Essence

Highlight 2: Diverse styles

In this exhibition, the designer brought many new styles, including lace design, hollow design, bundling underwear, three -point underwear, and conjoined underwear, showing the multi -facetedness of the underwear.

Highlight 3: Model Body

Another highlight of the sexy lingerie show is the figure of the model.In this show, the models of the models, the perfect combination of beautiful and sexy, show the charm of women and make people dump.

Popular Trends 1: Exquisite detail design

In the sexy underwear show, the audience can see a variety of delicate and detailed underwear design.These details include lace lace, beads and decorations, pleated edges and flash details, making these sexy underwear styles more fulfilling and perfect.

Popular Trends 2: Trend Concern underwear

Conjusational underwear has shined on this sexy underwear show, bringing a new way of wear to the audience.This style often has a unique design effect, which can make women find a perfect balance between comfort and sexy.

Teddies & Bodysuits

Popular Trends 3: Binding underwear

Binding underwear is another wonderful highlight on this sexy underwear show. The diverse design and interesting and sexy ropes of this style are twisted together, showing a very challenging visual effect, showing the wonderful imagination and bold women of womenspecialty.

The power of sexy women

In short, this 2008 Columba’s sexy lingerie show showed women’s fullness and diversity.Whether you like simplicity and softness, or sexy and bold women, this show has the tattoo you need.The exhibition gives the audience with the opportunity to think about the space and the opportunity of the taste, and we also understand the charm and strength of women.