Will your boyfriend don’t like sexy underwear?

Do boyfriends like sexy underwear?

Women often consider how to add a little fun in a romantic relationship, and sexy underwear has become a very popular way.However, many women will have a doubt: I wear sexy underwear, will my boyfriend like it?

Appearance and texture

The appearance and texture of sexy underwear are important factor that affects whether they like.The soft and smooth texture and colorful or elegant style can attract the attention of her boyfriend.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, pay attention to the choice of material and color.

Size and sense of dressing

Whenever you buy underwear, you must pay much attention to the size and sense of dressing.Because sexy underwear usually focuses on beauty, not practicality, its size may be different from conventional underwear.The correct size will make the underwear more comfortable. While showing the beautiful figure, it will not make the boyfriend feel embarrassed.

Sexy level

Sex underwear is usually designed to enhance sexy nature, but too exposed or exaggerated design methods can make her boyfriend feel uncomfortable and even embarrassed.When choosing a sexy underwear, you can choose a slightly subtle design, or choose a style that can highlight your advantages.

Selection of different occasions

The choice of sexy underwear also needs to be considered according to different occasions.For example, when participating in important occasions, choose a more simple and higher texture underwear, showing connotation.At night or private moment, you can choose more sexy sexy underwear.

Understand your boyfriend

When choosing a sexy underwear, girlfriends also need to understand the gender orientation and hobbies of her boyfriend to assist the choice.If you are a conservative person, you can choose a more elegant underwear style. If you are a more open person, you can choose a more sexy style.

Pass confidence and self -confidence

When girls wear sexy underwear, they should be full of confidence and confidence.Wearing underwear that is suitable for you can make yourself feel more confident, and can also pass to the sexy charm of his boyfriend.

The degree of acceptance of a boyfriend

If your girlfriend has never tried sexy underwear, you can first try to put on some other styles of underwear, and gradually let her boyfriend develop the habit of accepting.Select more sexy styles to try.

Recognition of values

Sexy underwear is a kind of auxiliary item in sexual behavior. Therefore, when the values of the two are too different, her boyfriend may be disgusted or uncomfortable with sex underwear.At this time, the two sides should communicate and respect each other’s views. Don’t force the other party to perform any behavior that is unwilling to try.

in conclusion

In short, wearing sexy underwear is a good way to increase fun and sexy.When choosing, you should pay attention to the appearance, texture, size, and dressing, moderate performance sexy, choose according to different occasions, understand the gender orientation and hobbies of the boyfriend, convey confidence and temptation, accept the degree of acceptance and recognition values of your boyfriend, etc.The aspects are very important.

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