Will we wear sexy underwear infection?


Interest underwear is a good choice for modern women to increase sexual life and increase life. However, due to the lack of basic knowledge about sexy underwear, some people mistakenly think that wearing fun underwear will be infected.IntersectionThis article will answer this question for you.

Falling underwear material

Their underwear is generally made of cotton, nylon, silk and other materials.If the sexy underwear you choose is high -quality and standard, the material will not cause any harm to your body.If the sexy underwear you choose is unknown, then you should stay away from this sexy underwear.


Sex underwear usually has good breathability and comfortable. These are the two factors that manufacturers must consider when designing.The materials and designs used in erotic underwear ensure that the body will not be too sultry and will not sweat excessively due to lack of air.Therefore, sexy underwear is very safe in breathable.

Dressing time and frequency

The time and frequency of wearing sex underwear will not directly lead to infection, but you should pay attention not to wear continuously for too long.Wearing sexy underwear for a long time may also cause some discomfort and stimuli, so it is best to wear it for a while to give the body full repair time.


Interest underwear should be cleaned and maintained like any other underwear.If sexy underwear is not cleaned often, some bacteria may be infected, causing health problems.When cleaning, use warm water and soap to clean and dry them.

Personal hygiene

Everyone’s physical condition is different, so it is recommended not to share sex underwear with others.If you have to participate in such activities, make sure to carry out thorough disinfection and cleaning process.

Allergic response

Due to different people’s response to materials, wearing certain sexy underwear for a long time may cause patients to be allergic.If you find that sexy underwear or other underwear cause skin allergies, it is recommended to stop wearing immediately.

Choose a place of sexy underwear

It is important to choose a sexy underwear.Malls, sex products stores and large commercial websites are some reliable choices because they often provide high -quality sexy underwear.When the reliability of a retailer is uncertain, try to choose other reliable retailers.

Doctor’s advice

If you are skeptical of the security of sexy underwear, you can consult a professional doctor to obtain better suggestions and security guarantees.Professional doctors can accurately answer your doubts and provide necessary suggestions.


Wearing sexy underwear will not directly infect the human body. As long as you choose high -quality and standard sexy underwear, you can wear and clean properly, maintain personal hygiene, sexy underwear can be a good choice to increase life and increase sexual life.But if you find discomfort, or worry about the safety of sexy underwear, it is recommended to consult a professional doctor or stop wearing as soon as possible.

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