Will boys wear sexy underwear if they get sick?

Will boys get sick?

Sexy underwear is a sexual toy that increases fun and irritation between partners. Due to its special nature, many people worry that if you wear sexy underwear, will he get sick?This article will introduce whether boys can get sick with sexy underwear to help everyone better understand the use of love underwear.

Choose suitable materials

Materials are one of the key points for the selection of sexy underwear. Men should choose comfortable and soft materials, or they can also consider antibacterial fibers to prevent bacteria from breeding on sexy underwear.Pay attention to avoid too tight or too loose sexy underwear, because this may affect air circulation and sweat.

Pay attention to cleaning when you buy the first time

Many erotic underwear are directly shipped from the manufacturer, so they have not been washed and disinfected many times.Before the first use, men should be cleaned correctly. It is recommended to use disinfection or hot water to completely disinfect the sexy underwear.

Don’t share it with others

Because sexy underwear is private, it is not recommended to share with others to avoid infectious diseases.If you must share it, disinfection and cleaning should be carried out, and you should use condoms or pay attention to personal hygiene.

Pay attention to personal hygiene

When using sexy underwear, men should pay attention to personal hygiene and try to avoid sweating and body fluid on sexy underwear.It is recommended to clean and disinfection after each use to ensure that the sexy underwear is clean and hygienic.

Avoid long -term wear

It is not recommended to wear sexy underwear for a long time. It is recommended to take off proper rest and change clothes every other time, so as not to cause poor local blood circulation due to long -term wear and even affect health.

Buy formal and quality guarantee sexy underwear

When buying sexy underwear, men should choose merchants with quality assurance and good reputation.Avoid buying inferior products or cause health problems.It is recommended to choose sexy underwear sold with well -known brands and formal channels.

Pay attention to the preservation of sexy underwear

After using sexy underwear, cleaning and preservation should be made in time.Interest underwear should be placed in a dry place to avoid direct sunlight and humidity, nor can it be mixed with other items.This can ensure the hygiene and service life of sexy underwear.

in conclusion

Wearing sexy underwear may not cause disease, but if it is improper or ignored personal hygiene, it will affect health.Pay attention to the choice of suitable materials and correct cleaning methods to avoid sharing sex underwear with others, as well as proper wear time, custody methods, etc.Only the correct method of use can better protect personal health.

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