Where is the Famous Lingerie Shop?

Where is the Famous Lingerie Shop?

Brief introduction

Sex underwear has attracted more and more attention and love in modern society, so more and more sexy underwear shops have appeared in the market.Among them, Philip’s sex lingerie shop is a one that is highly respected by consumers.So, where is it?Let’s find out below.

Headquarters address

The headquarters of Feimu’s Insweether’s underwear store is located in Hongjing Mingyuan, Zhuzilin Flower Road, Fukuda District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. The position of the headquarters is relatively hidden, but the transportation is convenient, which is convenient for visiting and buying.

Online mall

In addition to physical stores, Famous Fun underwear store also has its own online mall.By visiting the official website, you can enter its online mall.At the same time, the official website also provides rich knowledge and shopping guidelines for sexy underwear to allow consumers to better buy.

Beijing shop

Beijing is one of the most prosperous business cities in the country, and naturally there are branches of Feimu’s Interesting Lingerie Shop.Beijing Store is located in Chaowei, Chaoyang District, Beijing. The store is simple and stylish, generous and stylish, attracting many consumers to buy.

Shanghai shop

As one of the most developed cities in China, Shanghai’s degree of fashion is naturally self -evident.Philipfish’s underwear store also opened his own branch here.The Shanghai Store is located in Lujiazui Central Building in Pudong New District. The interior of the store has a high quality and provides customers with a comfortable purchase environment.

Guangzhou shop

Guangzhou is a commercial town in southern China and one of the densely populated cities.The Guangzhou branch of Feimu Interesting Underwear Shop is located in Tianhui Plaza, Pearl River New City. The store facilities are complete and have a high -end sense, which is loved by Guangzhou consumers.

Shenzhen shop

The headquarters of Famous Funny Lingerie is located in Shenzhen, and naturally opened its own branch in Shenzhen.The Shenzhen Store is located in the World Trade Plaza of Luohu District, Shenzhen. The store is clean and orderly, and the lights are soft, providing shoppers with a comfortable purchase environment.

Nanjing Store

Nanjing, as a provincial capital city in Jiangsu Province, has a large population and economically developed.Nanjing Store is located in Wanda City, Jiangning. The interior of the store is fresh and generous, elegant and unique, bringing a new shopping experience to consumers.

Chongqing store

Chongqing, also known as "Shancheng", is an important city in southwestern China.Philipfish’s underwear shop also has its own branch here.Chongqing Store is located in Times Street Shopping Center in Yuzhong District. The storefront decoration is sophisticated and unique, bringing surprises and joy to consumers.

Chengdu store

Chengdu is an economic central city in western China and one of the large cities with a large population. Philippine Funye underwear stores also have branches here.Chengdu Store is located in the IFS International Financial Center of Chunxi Road, Jinjiang District, Chengdu. It is first -class facilities and comfortable environment. It is a good place for Chengdu consumers to buy sex underwear.


In short, Philippine Fun underwear stores have their own branches nationwide, providing consumers with high -quality sexy underwear and high -quality shopping experience.No matter where you are, you can find the closest Philippine sexy underwear shop to meet your needs in all aspects.

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