Where does Chongqing sell sexy underwear?

Where does Chongqing sell sexy underwear?

In Chongqing, there are many options for buying sexy underwear.Let’s introduce some reliable shopping venues to help you find the most suitable sex underwear for you.

1. Sexy underwear chain shop

Many large shopping malls have sexy underwear chain, such as Uniqlo, Kalemi, and admiration.They have a wide range of sexy lingerie, from basic to high models, suitable for people with different tastes.The equipment in the store is complete, and you can easily try the size, length and color of clothes.

2. Porn supplies store

In Chongqing, you can buy sexy underwear at pornographic shops or adult products stores.They provide a variety of sexy products, including men and women’s sexy underwear, condoms, sex toys, etc.The clerk is also more guaranteed in knowledge and enthusiasm, and can provide professional help and suggestions according to the needs of customers.

3. Online shopping platform

There are also many well -known online shopping platforms in Chongqing, such as Taobao, JD.com, Vipshop and Mushroom Street.On these platforms, you can buy a variety of sexy lingerie styles, and the price is relatively affordable.The shopping process is also very convenient. You only need to choose your favorite product and fill in the payment information.

4. Spring Products Exhibition Conference

Some sex products exhibitions are also a good place to buy sexy underwear.These exhibitions are usually held in major shopping malls or exhibition centers in Chongqing, not only all kinds of sexy underwear, but also sex products, sex toys, sales tools, etc.Shopping at the exhibition, you can enjoy larger discounts and experiential shopping methods.

5. Ordinary underwear shop

Some ordinary underwear stores in Chongqing can also find more features and design more special underwear styles.The "civilian version" sexy underwear may not be lower than the erotic underwear obtained by other sales.Considering the key moments of social workplace, traditional families, and some need to keep privacy, the sexy underwear of the civilian version is still necessary.

6. Female shop

Female shops are increasingly common in cities.Most of these stores are concentrated in commercial streets and shopping malls, and many of them are well -known brands.In the female specialty store, you can find more feminine sexy underwear, which is more special and unique in style and color.

7. Second -hand market

In addition, Chongqing’s second -hand market is also a good choice for buying sexy underwear. The price is usually slightly lower than the new products.As long as you are careful when choosing, check the status, cleanliness and whether there are damage to the underwear.If you choose well, the sexy underwear purchased by the second -hand market is quite cost -effective.

8. Custom

Custom underwear is a personalized choice.If you want to have a sexy underwear that really belongs to your own, you can also customize in the wholesale markets, clothing factories and other places in Chongqing.Custom underwear can be customized according to the characteristics, preferences and needs of the body, which is very practical and personalized.What needs to be indicated is that the price of this scheme is relatively high in performance.

9. Export trade market

The export trade market covers almost all trade activities, and is also one of the places to buy sexy underwear.Although this market is relatively messy, its quality is guaranteed.Some merchants in the export trade market will also provide more styles and color options to make it in a relatively high -end sales position.

10. Buy fabrics and accessories by yourself

It is also a feasible solution to buy fabric and underwear accessories by yourself.The color and texture of the purchase of these products can be selected according to the taste and character of personal.Then, anyone with a certain amount of handmade skills or good patience can turn it into sexy underwear.

Viewpoint: When buying sexy underwear, in addition to considering price factors, you must also pay attention to quality issues.Especially when buying some registered brands or non -registered brands, you must polish your eyes to confirm the quality and environmental protection of the product.In addition, personal taste, style, body, body shape and other factors should also be considered.

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