Where can I sell sexy underwear in Hangzhou?

Where can I sell sexy underwear in Hangzhou?

Interest underwear is becoming more and more popular with women. Wearing it can not only increase self -confidence, increase charm, but also add interest and fun.So, where can I buy sexy underwear in Hangzhou?Let’s introduce them one by one.

1. Online mall

Now, more and more people choose to buy sexy underwear online because it is convenient and fast.In large -scale online malls such as Taobao and Tmall, there are many sexy underwear shops, of which the prices, styles and quality are very rich and favorable.In addition, the shopping experience is also more private, which is very suitable for those female customers who pay great attention to confidentiality.

2. Sex products store

In Hangzhou, there are many sexy shops also selling sexy underwear.These shops provide many different types of sexy underwear, including rope art underwear, hollow underwear, and so on.Not only that, customers can also get private recommendations and suggestions from the clerk, choose styles and sizes better, and improve the purchase experience.

3. Fashion clothing store

In addition to sexual products stores, some fashion clothing stores can also buy sexy underwear, such as Ou Shili, only, because sportswear and bikinis can be found here.Of course, because of different factors such as advertising and customer mentality, the types and styles of sexy underwear provided here are not as rich as sexy shops and online malls.

4. The physical market

In Hangzhou, there are also many sexy underwear merchants in large markets such as Longxi, Nanxing, and West Lake Cultural Plaza.There are fewer stores selling sexy underwear in these markets and lack of professional guidance, but relatively speaking, the price will be more affordable, and the size and style can be selected in real time according to the current situation.

5. Xinhua Wenxuan Bookstore

Recently, I found in Xinhua Wenxuan Bookstore that they also sold sexy underwear.Although it is a bookstore environment, the sexy lingerie styles and categories they sell are quite complete.Due to convenient transportation, it is also suitable for surrounding residents to buy.

6. Professional gender products store

There are also some professional gender shops in Hangzhou. These shops not only have sexy underwear, but also have various toys, but also have characteristics.Here, you can find more interesting things to satisfy all kinds of preferences and preferences.

7. Asia Tong

In Hangzhou, there is also a brand that specializes in sex bra. Its cultural and creative series also include sexy lingerie.They are highly processed, with excellent materials, and the full size of the size is supported by many sexy women.

8. Chain brand store

In addition to the above stores and shopping malls, Hangzhou also has many chain brand stores selling sexy underwear, such as Zandanu, Beautiful Wardrobe, Intinhua and other international chain brands.Essence

9. Leisure fish, second -hand market

On platforms such as idle fish and second -hand markets, many second -hand second -hand prices of sexy underwear can also be found.Although these underwear have been worn, the price is relatively cheaper.You can consider choosing to customize the sexy underwear on these platforms. The size and style are more personalized and more interesting.

10. Other solutions

You can also buy a variety of sexy underwear at custom underwear manufacturers/foundries, and make it by yourself. The size is better to adapt to your own body.If you don’t have a high consumption mentality, you can start from the actuality and buy a high reputation and user evaluation shops.


Based on the way of buying sexy underwear, the most suitable way to buy is determined according to the actual situation of individuals.But whether you buy in an online store or a physical store, you need to pay attention to the following points:

First understand different materials to determine whether your skin is adaptive

Find a suitable size and version to give full play to the function of the underwear and create a strong visual effect;

Buying a luxury brand fancy underwear is a manifestation of showing off with superior taste;

Select the appropriate type of style according to your own needs and preferences, such as comfort, breathability, good color matching, elegant temperament, and so on.

In our choice, try to avoid the sound dogs and horses and vulgar paint, and pay attention to the improvement of the taste of the overall family. If you choose to pay attention to the spiritual communication and emotional interaction with your partner, you can think of the key factors between the internal and taste, so that the internal and taste can reflect the inherent and taste.Real value of underwear.

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