What to do if there is no interest at hand underwear

What should I do if I have no interesting underwear on my hand?

Sometimes, we may want to try some different things to enhance the interaction between husband and wife, but without any fun underwear on hand, it may hinder the realization of these plans.Although this may be a difficult problem, there are many ways to help you solve this problem.

Use conventional underwear design as sexy underwear

In fact, you can design conventional underwear as sexy underwear.The key to this method is to find suitable styles and sizes to ensure that you feel confident and comfortable.For example, you can use sexy stockings, slim corsets, velvet clothes, etc. to enhance your charm.

Try DIY sexy underwear

If you want more custom sexy underwear, you can consider DIY your own design.This requires some techniques and imagination, but can save some budgets.You can use cloth, ribbon, lace and other decorations to transform conventional underwear into more sexy sexy underwear.

Borrowing a friend’s sexy underwear

If your friend has a messy underwear and you do not, you can consider borrowing from them.This may be improved on the premise that they understand your needs, but please pay attention to timely and return these items so that your friends will not be angry because of this.

Use the most basic fun props

Even if you do not have fun underwear, you can still use basic erotic props, such as massage oil, peristaltic balls, handcuffs, etc. These props can make you and your partner have more fun when interacting.These props can easily convert general sexual behavior and enhance interest.

Try to digital interest

In the digital age, interest is not limited to the items itself, and digital products have increased more possibilities for interest.For example, you can use mobile phone applications, online chat platforms, and other media to flirt, interact, and even more, which can increase the stimulus and interaction with your partner.

Use the natural environment

If you do n’t have any fun underwear or props, you can consider using the natural environment to inject more interests into your behavior.You can choose to enjoy a romantic afternoon in the sun or at the hot spring or spa center, these behaviors will make you feel relaxed and pleasant.

Use body language

Finally, you can enhance your interest with your partner through your body language.For example, you can communicate your needs and desires with eyes, tone and posture.This can help you understand each other more and enhance the feelings and interaction between husband and wife.

in conclusion

No matter whether you have sexy underwear, you don’t have to give up plans to enhance interest.By using various methods and resources, you can increase the interaction and happiness between husband and wife, and promote the development of emotion.Therefore, don’t let the lack of sexy underwear stop your plan, and choose the appropriate method.

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