What should I do if my husband looks at sex underwear?

Background introduction

Many women want to attract her husband’s attention in marriage and wear sexy underwear, but how should they deal with the embarrassing moment when they look at their husbands?This article will provide you with some help.

Know the husband’s feelings

Before solving the problem, we must first understand the feelings of my husband to look at sex underwear.For men, seeing his wife put on sexy underwear is a wonderful enjoyment, but it may also bring some pressure and struggle.If women can understand these emotions, they can better solve the problem.

Communicate with husband

Communication is the key to solving problems.Women should be frankly talked about his views and feelings of wearing sexy underwear to understand his ideas and needs.

Choose a sexy underwear that suits you and her husband

The choice of sexy underwear is very important. Women should choose the style that suits them and her husband.When choosing, you should consider your physical condition, your preferences, and the taste of your husband.

Master time and occasion

The timing and occasion of wearing sex underwear is also very important.Women should wear erotic underwear at the right time to avoid embarrassment when inappropriate situations.

Exposing an appropriate amount of skin

When wearing sexy underwear, women should show an appropriate amount of skin, but do not expose it too much.This can increase interest and avoid discomfort to her husband.

Strengthen self -confidence

Women should maintain self -confidence and believe in their beauty and charm.Only self -confidence can truly show the charm of sexy underwear and make yourself more attractive to her husband’s attention.

Pay attention to hygiene

When choosing and wearing sexy underwear, women should pay attention to hygiene and maintain their private parts clean and healthy.

Avoid adverse phenomena such as big belly

Women should avoid adverse belly such as big belly when choosing sexy underwear, which will affect the entire shape.

Follow the needs of my husband

Women should pay attention to her husband’s needs and understand the styles and colors he likes.When choosing a sexy underwear, the husband’s taste is given priority.


When dealing with her husband’s problem of looking at sex underwear, women should understand the feelings of her husband, communicate with her husband, choose a sexy underwear that suits you and husbands, grasp the time and occasions of wear, strengthen self -confidence, pay attention to hygiene and avoid adverse phenomena, pay attention to husbandDemand.In this way, we can truly play the charm of sexy underwear and attract the attention of her husband.

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