What shoes do wearing sex underwear with

What shoes do you wear in sex underwear?

As a unique clothing, sexy underwear has very important sexy effects.But how do you wear it?Many people often find that underwear with shoes is not very good.In this article, we will share with you how to match underwear and shoes to make your wear better.

1. High heels are the first choice

If you want to feel more sexy, then high heels are your best choice.The fine heels of the pinch can not only make your legs more beautiful, but also make you go more elegant.And high -heeled shoes can make your height look taller and make people’s eyes shine.

Second, the choice of sneakers

If you don’t like to wear high heels, sneakers are another choice for you.However, choose a good style.Moreover, pay attention to keep it simple.Because sexy underwear is usually relatively bright. When wearing too fancy shoes, it will appear, and too complicated shoes will disperse.

Third, the use of pointed shoes

Due to its smooth lines and clear outlines, pointed shoes are very suitable for sexy underwear.This shoe can extend the legs of the legs and highlight the beauty of the feet.If you wear a pair of simple pointed high -heeled shoes, the temperament of the whole person will instantly improve.

Fourth, the choice of boots

If you are looking for the latest trends and trends, then your boots must not be missed.The combination of this design -like shoes and sexy underwear is very suitable, especially over -the -knee boots.There is usually an elegant texture, which meets the sexy, romantic and mature temperament requirements.

Five, the choice of flat shoes

Flat shoes are the choice of many women, which can make women put on elegant underwear more sexy and light.Especially bright flat shoes, the differences between them and sexy underwear are more obvious.

Six, the choice of fish mouth shoes

The characteristic of fish -mouth shoes is the open design of the front -end fun, which meets the special temperament requirements of sexy underwear.However, try to choose the tip of the shoe as much as possible so that it will not break the entire visual effect.

Seven, the choice of loose cake shoes

Pine cake shoes are a thick -soled shoes. Its roughness can enhance femininity, especially when matched with some over -sexy underwear, you can add a affinity to it.However, pay attention to avoid too rough appearance, otherwise it is difficult to achieve a beautiful feeling.

Eight, the choice of jewelry

Usually, we can choose some jewelry on the shoes to add a vividness to the shoes.For example: rivets, beads, etc. These can not only add beauty to the shoes, but also better match with sexy underwear.

Nine, the choice of shoes color

The choice of shoes color is relatively limited, because many times you need to avoid contrasting with underwear, or overly prominent.At this time, you can choose a more subtle color or color similar to underwear, so that the shape of the whole person can be more harmonious.

10. Maintenance of shoes

Finally, pay attention to maintaining shoes.Some people say that the condition of shoes can directly reflect a person’s quality of life.Especially when sexy underwear with shoes, the image of the whole person needs to be perfect.

In short, the choice of underwear is as important as the choice of shoes.No matter which one you choose, remember to grasp the style of the overall dress and try to make the underwear and shoes perfectly combine.

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