What sexy underwear prepared for the first time

1. What do you need to know before buying sex underwear

If you are buying sexy underwear for the first time, you need to know some things.First of all, sexy underwear is a clothing that aims to make you feel sexy and confident.Secondly, sexy underwear is not necessarily used to share with others.In most cases, sexy underwear is to make you feel better and soothe your feelings.

2. Types of sexy underwear

There are many types of sexy underwear.Some of them include: sexy underwear and bra, lace stickers, sexy dresses, sexy stockings, and many other types of underwear.No matter what kind of sexy underwear you want, you can find the right style.

3. Size of sexy underwear

When buying sexy underwear, make sure you know your size.Inappropriate sexy underwear will make you feel uncomfortable and affect your feelings.If you haven’t bought a sexy underwear, it is best to find related sizes to make sure you buy your underwear that is suitable for you.

4. Quotation underwear materials

Interest underwear is made of a variety of different materials.For example, some sexy underwear is made of transparent lace, while others are made of wide -shoulder straps.When choosing materials, you need to choose according to your preferences, season and other factors.Some people tend to choose softer materials, while others prefer sexy lace.

5. Choose the color that suits you

In addition to styles and materials, it is also important to choose sexy underwear.Some people prefer black or red, while others prefer white or other bright colors.Choosing color is a very personal process.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, choose your favorite color.

6. The price of sexy underwear

The price of sexy underwear varies from brand and design.There are some cheap choices and outrageous choices.The price does not necessarily represent quality, so when buying sexy underwear, please remember this.On the contrary, it is best to choose what you like, suitable for your budget underwear.

7. Prepare the use of sexy underwear

After buying full -fitness underwear, you need to know how to use them.For sexy underwear, bras, suspenders and other underwear, you need to know how to wear and take off.For other types of underwear, such as lace stickers and sexy dresses, you need to know how to use them.When using sexy underwear, always be cautious to ensure safety and achieve the expected results.

8. When to use sexy underwear

When to use sexy underwear is a very personal choice.Some people choose to use special occasions, such as Valentine’s Day or Wedding Memorial Day, and others may also use sexy underwear on ordinary days.You should choose when to use sex underwear according to your own situation and preferences.

9. Falling underwear maintenance

To ensure the life of sexy underwear, you need to know how to maintain them correctly.Most erotic underwear needs to be washed by hand, do not use dryers to dry, because it will damage the fabric of the underwear.In the family, use a mild cleaner to wash the sexy underwear, and then dry it on the dry surface naturally.

10. Overall suggestion

When buying sexy underwear, you must thoroughly study the new styles, and choose factors such as your own body and preferences.After preparing for sexy underwear, be sure to understand all the processes of using and maintaining sexy underwear.The most important thing is to enjoy your sexy underwear to increase your confidence and bring more fun to yourself.

The above is a brief guide to prepare for beginners of sexy underwear. Please follow these steps to choose the best sexy lingerie style.

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