What kind of sexy underwear to his wife

Before sending sex underwear

As a sexy toy between husband and wife, sexy underwear can increase the fun between husband and wife and increase sex.However, before deciding to send love underwear, you need to consider several factors: whether your wife is willing to try sexy underwear, her comfort and style preference.

Choose the type of sexy underwear

There are countless erotic underwear in the market now, from sexy, transparent, lace, leather to various colors and styles, choosing can sometimes be dazzling.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear that suits your wife, it is recommended to choose the appropriate type first, such as a bragle, bellyband, three -point style, nighttime, etc.

Consider her comfort

Although sexy underwear is usually not designed for comfort, this does not mean that you can ignore this.High -quality erotic underwear should be soft and comfortable, and use more fabrics.Therefore, it is recommended to choose underwear with soft fabrics and do not buy too tight styles.

Choose the right size and model

When choosing sexy underwear, accurate size and model are also very important.If the sex size is too large or too small, it will cause unnecessary embarrassment and uncomfortable.Before buying, it is best to consult the business size suggestion and measure the corresponding measurement to ensure the selection of the correct size.

Choose the right color and style

Finally, choose the color and style of the wife who suits your wife.Some women may like bright colors, such as pink or purple, while others may prefer black or red tones.When choosing a style, pay attention to his wife’s personal taste and hobbies.

Perfecting sexy underwear

Performing erotic underwear is a type of sexy and romantic underwear that usually can highlight the figure after putting on and show its sexy body.Performing sexy underwear usually has a transparent part, but some brands have also launched a translucent and Asian pink style.

Lace sexy underwear

Lace erotic underwear is a very tempting sexy underwear with very beautiful additional decoration.This sexy underwear is usually composed of curved lines and complex lace, and there are many colors to choose from, usually black, red and white.

Leather sex shell

If your wife likes challenging things, then leather erotic underwear is a good choice.This erotic underwear usually has metal buckles, stitching and metal texture, its surface luster and has a unique design style.It may not be suitable for every woman, but for some women with strong self -confidence, it will make them feel more confident and sexy.

Sexy nighttime

Sexy nighttime is more comfortable than other sexy underwear.This kind of nightdress usually uses soft and comfortable fabrics, but it is more sexy when wearing it.This sexy underwear is usually decorated with lace, lace decoration and perspective fabrics. The noble tone makes it more sexy.

Sexy stockings

If you don’t like let your wife put on sexy underwear, another choice is to buy her sexy stockings.This kind of sexy underwear is well known, and there are many styles and colors, such as black, red, nude, purple, and so on.Compared with erotic underwear, stockings are more convenient for daily wear, and show women’s long legs.

Suggestions for sending sexy underwear to your wife

Although sexy underwear may have a positive effect on the sexual life of husband and wife, it is also necessary to consider the opinions and comfort of his wife when sending erotic underwear.Communicate with his wife frankly, and understanding her needs and preferences will help choose the sexy underwear that suits her best.

in conclusion

At the end, what kind of erotic underwear to send to his wife is to understand her preferences and needs.Considering her comfort, color and style, wife should be able to appreciate this consideration and care for her.Several sexual underwear introduced above is worth considering, but it is best to obtain suggestions from female consulting staff before choosing sex underwear to obtain their professional suggestions.

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