What is the use of beads sexy underwear?

What is the use of beads sexy underwear?

What is beads sexy sheet

Beads sexy underwear is a kind of sexy lingerie style inlaid with beads on underwear.Beads can be made of plastic, glass or valuable metals. The size, color, and materials of the beads are different, making the underwear more diverse.

The role of beads sexy underwear

Beads sexy underwear has both decorative effects and irritating effects.First of all, they can let the wearers feel unusual interesting experience.Secondly, the texture and weight of the beads will have a subtle and pleasant feeling when the body moves.

What are suitable

Beads are suitable for flirting between couples, and can also be used for the wild sex of the couple.In addition, only those who wear them know that these beads are hidden under their own close clothes, which further promotes the increase in sexual pleasure and stimulus.

Types of bead underwear

There are many types of beads, including but not limited to suspenders, corsets, bras, bikinis, G strings, thongs, and so on.These underwear is very meaningful in the specialized girl’s underward or left some treasures.

Pearl sexy underwear

Pearl erotic underwear is composed of pearls, which can bring a more luxurious and advanced experience.Different from simple plastic beads, wearing pearl beads underwear girls will feel a very special sense of existence.Pearl bead underwear can also be given to special people.

Precautions in use

When wearing beads, pay attention to hygiene and maintenance.The frequency of wearing beads should not be too high, otherwise it will easily cause symptoms such as inflammation.At the same time, it is necessary to regularly use professional washing supplies for cleaning and disinfection to ensure their safety and cleaning.

Choose beads sexy underwear skills

When you buy beads sexy underwear, you should consider the body shape and characteristics of the wearer, which will determine what style, color and shape bead underwear.In addition, it is also crucial to understand the production materials, texture, and weight of bead underwear.

How to care for beads sexy underwear

When washing the beads, you should choose a cleaning agent that does not stimulate the skin, and should not use overheated water. The temperature should not exceed 40 ° C during the washing process.When drying, do not use the sun to dry, but should be dried in the ventilation, or slowly photograph the water with a towel, and then dry it naturally.

The advantages of beads sexy underwear

Beads sex underwear has helped more girls improve the attitude of self -confidence and self -esteem, and become one of the beautiful ways to show their figure.They can also reveal more inner interest, and at the same time, they also help wearers to gain a different experience in sex.

in conclusion

The beads erotic underwear uses its distinctive characteristics and advantages, attracting more and more people.It can not only visually satisfy people’s desires, but also provide an unusual experience on the body.Pay attention to safety, hygiene and washing when using beads sexy underwear. However, in general, beads sexy underwear is a new and fashionable experience, which is worth trying.

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